Screening for health and beauty of your hair
 We already know a lot of the secrets of beautiful hair. Thoroughly examine a number of very useful procedures - elyuminirovanie, laminating, Biolaminirovanie and even hair glazing procedure does not cause us perplexity. In all this, we successfully dealt with. There remains a little secret. That's about it today and we'll talk.

Many people confuse this method of healing hair lamination, but this is wrong. Try themselves to understand and see the difference. So today we'll discuss shielding hair .

As laminating, and other procedures, the screening has a beneficial effect on our hair. Provides the necessary care, protect our hair from the negative impact from the outside, ie, environment. Thus, after the screening, our hair gets additional moisture and that is still very important food.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that hair is enveloped in a very dense and stable film that creates a glossy effect. Do not worry that the film will be released, it is completely transparent, and therefore completely invisible on the hair. Due to the protective film of each hair becomes stiffer expands and rises. The girls, whom nature has deprived of hair density and splendor, will appreciate the benefits of this procedure.

Regarding the composition, that is performing the screening, we can safely say that it is completely safe for the health of hair. Yes, and what damage can cause moisturizing ingredients, which include soy protein, vegetable matter and amino acids?

 Screening for health and beauty of your hair

If we talk about the duration, the screening of the hair is retained up to 6 weeks. Of course, not all of the protective film to remain so for a long time, but do not rush to blame the master cabin. It is not that he is poorly or unprofessionally done something. The fact that the duration depends on the structure of your hair.

If the structure of your hair is too damaged, the effect of screening can last up to 2 weeks. In general, experts recommend to perform screening in conjunction with lamination. This will provide a double effect, because some masters are convinced that the shielding protects the hair from within and outside the laminate. Of course, this is just an opinion, but I think that it is worth to discuss this option with their master. In general, the complex of these procedures will consummate effect not only increases the volume of hair, but also their effect.

 Screening for health and beauty of your hair

Each of us who has ever in my life painted hair, knows how quickly "washed out" color. Screening of hair will help solve this problem. Protective film not only protects the hair from the negative effects, but does not give the paint washed off, thereby considerably increasing its durability. If you have just decided to staining, you can safely combine business with pleasure, as screening can be done in color. Most importantly, in the dye composition does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which spoil the hair. Furthermore, such a paint will revitalize hair inside, as its structure, which penetrates the hair, includes lipids and ceramides.

It turns out that our hair become not only the rich color or shade, but also look more well-groomed, healthy and shiny. Most importantly - do not be lazy and do not forget to repeat the procedure. To achieve maximum effect, and 100% of the results is necessary to prepare the hair, to undergo additional treatment. First we need to clean the hair with a shampoo that nutrients could easily penetrate into the opened scales and completely fill them. After that, the expert will cause the mask to damp hair. All this is necessary to ensure that the protective film on the hair remained as long as possible.

Now we know, perhaps, all of the basic wellness treatments for hair. It remains only to choose the most appropriate way. Most importantly, take the time and step up to this issue with a sense of, and really slowly.
Author: MIRovaya