Seven times measure, or how to prepare for rhinoplasty?
 "There is no limit to perfection" - sure a lot of us. If we are in the nature of something pumped, women tend to fix the flaw by any means possible, including surgically. Not least in the "restoration" is often alleged flaws occupy surgery to correct the nose, or scientific words, rhinoplasty. Let's say you are 100% sure that continue to live with such a nose, according to nature any longer. What are the next steps on the way to the ideal spout?

Step 1: choose a clinic and surgeon

Please, put time and effort into this process, because it depends on the final excellent result. Ask statutory clinic and its license, read reviews on the internet about the staff and the results of the procedure, refer to the portfolio of your doctor.

Step 2: Survey of the surgeon

Medical examination is required for inspection "field of action" - your nose; analysis purpose - to identify general condition before surgery and possible complications that may arise in the process to reduce them to a minimum. Perhaps you may need additional pre-cosmetic procedure or course of treatment to prevent problems in the future. For example, to recover from acute respiratory infections, make cleaning the face with the skin problems, etc.

Step 3: Preparation for surgery

Pay special attention to the recommendations below. Successful outcome of the operation depends on how responsible you will perform preoperative preparation.

 Seven times measure, or how to prepare for rhinoplasty?

A couple of weeks before surgery should be:

* To stop taking medicines that reduce blood clotting and prevent the formation of blood clots. They can complicate rhinoplasty heavy bleeding. In particular, it has a similar effect of aspirin;

* To give up smoking and alcohol. Toxins that are so rich in harmful habits, impair the healing process of tissues;

* Forget the tanning bed and tanning under the open sun, because it is fraught with the development of severe edema in the course of the operation.

A week before the rhinoplasty:

* It's time to go to the pharmacy with a list of medications that your doctor has recommended carrying out the operation;

* Start taking a multivitamin that will strengthen the entire body and in particular the walls of blood vessels;

* Try to minimize the damage on the face makeup or even abandon it;

* "Four-eyes" is recommended to replace glasses in a massive frame for a light or go to the lens;

* Take care of creating a favorable psychological climate that no home and work problems you are not distracted from preparing for surgery and rehabilitation period.

 Seven times measure, or how to prepare for rhinoplasty?

Immediately before the procedure should:

* 8 hours prior to surgery to give up food and drink, or exit from the anesthesia is fraught with severe vomiting for you;

* Refuse applying any cosmetics and perfumes;

* Prepare a comfortable and loose-fitting clothing to the recovery room, you do not need to remove or put on over the head;

* Make sure you have at hand all the necessary medicines;

* Leave the house all jewelry, watches, lenses pirsingovy earrings, artificial eyelashes.

When preparing for surgery to correct the nose do not forget to document the rights and obligations of the parties, check carefully with your guarantee in case of unsatisfactory results of rhinoplasty. By doing so you protect yourself from possible trouble, which, although rare, but occur. When all the details taken into account, once again weigh the decision. If you are confident that the acquisition of the new nose will make happier, only forward!

 Seven times measure, or how to prepare for rhinoplasty?

Author: Jan Kolosovskaya