Stretch marks? Forget it!
 Stretching - the eternal problem with which to fight extremely hard, but ... you can. Each of us wants to meet beach season in all its glory. Prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart! So brush up better to start now, because in the winter, as a rule, we relax and begin to pay less time to care for your body. One of the most difficult tasks - to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, and if they were, the more difficult to remove them.

Let's start with prevention . To avoid stretch marks (striae), care must be taken not only to the health of their skin, but also for the fact that you eat. Very often, stretch marks can occur not only during the pregnancy, due to environmental factors, or hormonal imbalance, but also as a result of malnutrition. To avoid this, you must reduce the consumption of large amounts of fat, carbohydrates, preservatives. In general, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, potato chips - guarantee the appearance of stretch marks.

What products you need to consume to avoid the appearance of stretch marks?   To reduce the risk of stretch marks can help products enriched with potassium, as well as the use of vitamins, proteins, contrast shower and massage. Do not forget to use special creams, lotions and oils, especially if you decide to go on a diet. With a sharp decrease in the weight of the likelihood of stretch marks nothing less than the sudden increase it. Moisturize the skin - the best way to avoid stretch marks. This is about prevention.

What if extensions have appeared?   There are several ways to eliminate them. Guaranteed 100% result, of course, impossible. It all depends on the "age" of stretch marks. The older they are, the more likely their complete disappearance less. If since the appearance of stretch marks less than 1, 5 years, when properly selected set of them can be completely rid of, or make virtually invisible.

Now, remove stretch marks as you can with the help of salon treatments and at home.

Cosmetic procedures:

- Peeling (chemical, laser).

Chemical peeling   - Use special acids that remove dead skin cells. If you have a fresh stretch marks, you'll like peeling with fruit acids. If chronic stretch, it is necessary to peel using phenol and TCA. Is the procedure under general anesthesia, has contraindications. This peeling stimulates the formation of collagen.

Laser peels   - Carried out by a laser beam, which grinds stretch. It is best to conduct such a peeling during the autumn-winter season, as the sun baths are contraindicated for such peeling. Effect after the procedure will only be visible after about 3-6 months. This peel requires preparation. It should be within 2 months applied to the skin cream with vitamin C. After peeling of the skin, too, will need special care, as it will look is not the best way. For sites treated with a laser beam, it is necessary to impose special bandages, and then treating the skin with special ointments. Beauty requires sacrifice!

 Stretch marks? Forget it!
 - Mesotherapy.

It is administered by subcutaneous microinjection special cocktails. The composition of the cocktails may include collagen, amino acids, minerals, vitamins or stem cells C and group B. The number of sessions of from 5 to 10. It depends on the number of extensions. After mesotherapy stretching significantly reduced, the skin becomes smooth and taut.

Attention!   There is a contraindication - cholelithiasis. If stretch marks appear during pregnancy, then carry out such a procedure can be no earlier than 6 months.

 Stretch marks? Forget it!
 - Ozone.

Carried out with the help of injecting ozone-oxygen mixture of skin area exposed to stretch. As a result of accelerating the process of cellular respiration, improves microcirculation and streamers acquire color and become more dense. If stretch marks are fresh, after this procedure, they may disappear forever.

- Fotopigmentatsiya.

Is exposed to light radiation on the skin, which stimulates the production of collagen. With this activated cells of the skin and restores its structure and color.

 Stretch marks? Forget it!
 - Wraps.

The most effective is a seaweed body wrap (especially with spirulina). With this wrap the skin is saturated with minerals and trace elements, improves blood circulation. As a result, the skin becomes supple and taut, and stretching - less visible.

At home   You can get rid of stretch marks as follows:

 Stretch marks? Forget it!
 - Essential oils.

The most effective in this regard is Almond oil .

- Body lotion . For this we need almond oil and a ratio of 1 to 5 add the oil from wheat germ, avocado and mandarin. Apply 2 times a day. Or one teaspoon of almond oil mixed with 8 drops of rosemary oil. The resulting mixture should be rubbed every day.

- Peeling Cream . For the preparation you will need 150 ml of yogurt, 1 tablespoon almond oil, grated zest of one lemon. Grated zest of lemon you need to mix with the other ingredients. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas for about 20 minutes. Before you wash the cream-peeling, the skin must be massaged. Frequency of procedure - 2 times a week.

- Bath . In the bath add 5 drops of orange essential oil, 2 drops of geranium oil, 6 drops of neroli, frankincense 3 drops, 2 drops of nutmeg.

Attention!   Essential oils should be applied to the body movements of the pinch. This is a great massage, and thus the skin is exposed to less tension.

- Mummies .

- Rubbing.   1 c. mummies mixed with 1 tbsp. l. essential oil. Rubs before bedtime.

- Cream . 1 c. mummy dissolve 1 spoon of boiled water. The resulting composition is mixed with 80g. baby cream. Rub 1 per day. remember, that Keep the mixture in the refrigerator .

- Lotion . 4gr. mummy diluted in 50 ml body milk low-fat. Apply every evening.

That is, perhaps, one of the most effective ways to fight stretch marks. Love yourself and your body, take care of themselves, because to prevent the problem is much simpler and cheaper than to fix the consequences.
Author: MIRovaya