Suitable for face cleansing?
 Clean face can hardly be attributed to a pleasant procedure. Agree, much nicer to put the cream, scrub or foam. However, according to doctors, cosmetologists, and the effect of the cosmetic cleansers will be many times lower than that of unpleasant and even painful salon cleaning.

Among men and women there are many different opinions about cleaning - from the praise of Procedure ("Once a month or two - on any!") To the categorical rejection ("to make a time - will have to do all my life!"). Let's find out the answers beauticians the most popular questions about this procedure.

Why do we need cleansing?

Facial Cleansing (or scientifically komedonoekstraktsiyu) is performed to cleanse the skin from the thickened sebum - quite simply, from the "black spots" (comedones) and blackheads. Typically, dry skin needs to be cleaned 3-4 times a year, a mixed - 6-7, oily - 9-12.

Types of facial cleansing are different - manual, mechanical, ultrasound, vacuum, laser, but the most popular combination of manual and mechanical cleaning.

How is the procedure?

1. Step hydrogenation.   Under the film or no special preparations are applied to open pores and soften the comedones. Sometimes, in addition to this method, the face is also steams - over a bowl with hot water or using an apparatus called Vapazony (spray steam).

2. The next step - just cleaning . As mentioned, most of it held hands and mechanical devices - loop (extractor) and spoon Uno. For other types of ultrasonic cleaning using skrabery or vacuum devices.

 Suitable for face cleansing?

3. Using darsonvalya   - A device that improves the tone of skin, helps get rid of acne and scars them. This happens by means of sending to the skin of electric impulses.

4. The final stage involves mask to narrow pores, applying a soothing cream and cold massage .

This is a facial cleansing?

Cosmetologists say that periodic cleaning is needed by all people - is extremely rare today can be found a man with perfect skin. After all, each of us face on a daily basis exposed to the external environment: dust, wind, sun doing their job - clog pores, the skin ceases to "breathe", as a result - there are spots and "black spots", the skin begins to look untidy and aging.

Of course, with proper care (regular use of scrubs, tonics, lotions, hygienic rules (to give up the habit of touching your face and others.), Nutrition) facial skin over a long time will look good. However, even in the form of well-groomed person requires periodic deep cleaning. But it is essential, together with a specialist to determine its frequency and type.

 Suitable for face cleansing?

This is impossible to do cleaning of the face?

Before visiting the beautician's office, is worth visiting a dermatologist, he will assess the rash and will warn you if the procedure is contraindicated.

As a rule, the procedure is not recommended to do so, one has rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, many moles or pigmented spots on the face.

Do not recommend cleaning during menstruation, exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute colds, in the presence of benign or malignant tumors.

Should pay particular attention to be pregnant - some species face cleaning (laser, ultrasound) are not recommended at this time. If you decide on a procedure, besides visiting a dermatologist, you should agree on a visit to the cleaning of the face and your gynecologist.

Take care of yourself before a planned procedure, frankly tell the beautician about their ailments and health in general. This will avoid further problems!

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 Suitable for face cleansing?
   Natalia whether home cleaning replace salon treatment?

Skin cleansing - a complex procedure that requires the attention of a specialist. The man often can not independently determine the cause of inflammation on his face. They can occur not only due to the contamination of the skin, but also, for example, due to ingrowth in a skin of fine hairs, congestion in the neck and back, and even for flatfoot! Home cleaning person can injure the skin and cause it irreparable harm. Also, many people can not own the right to determine what funds for daily cleansing suit them. Frequently used too hard cleanser, such as, for example, a gel. I recommend to clean the face with a milk - it will help your skin to stay longer in humid condition.

In our salon held multiple treatments to restore and maintain a healthy kind of person: it is not only direct mechanical cleaning pores, and the cleansing of the skin with the help of professional cosmetics, peeling, ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning liquid nitrogen, detoxifying treatment biozheni, anti-inflammatory and reduces pores alginate mask for the face. The procedure will be accompanied by a massage to improve blood circulation and relieve stress. This integrated approach provides an effective and, at the same time, gentle cleansing of the skin and simultaneously solves a number of other problems: saturate skin with moisture, sculpting facial contours and improve the mental state of the client.

Author: Jan Kolosovskaya