Anticrisis! Salon treatment at home
 Now in times of crisis, many girls and women have started to save on itself - or rather, the once regular hikes in the beauty salons. According to a survey MyCharm, about 40% of respondents give is ready to abandon the services of professional cosmetologists.

The situation is very sad, but do not despair. Many salon treatments can be done at home that would, firstly, much cheaper, and secondly, will allow you to express their imagination and creativity. Let's get started.

Expensive - caviar

Option Chic

One of the most acute problems of today is an unhealthy looking hair. Due to the harsh environment, as well as unhealthy diet and stress, hair becomes dull and brittle. The problem with success for myself have solved many movie stars and top models, began to make caviar mask for hair salons. So, in the London salon Hari's promise to make your hair shiny and strong with the help of black caviar. First, the hair is washed with a special shampoo and then impose them on caviar, carefully spreading it over the entire length of hair and rubbing the scalp. Caviar favorable effect on the hair itself and on the scalp.

Interesting! Caviar - a source of protein and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, iodine, lecithin, mineral substances, phosphorous, and the mass of other equally useful elements.

Cost: ~ $ 400 for the procedure. It should be done at least once a month.

Cheap Option

At home, in the bathroom, you can also easily implement caviar wrap. With only one difference - caviar is protein. Amino acid composition is close to the most high-quality food products. Thus, we have a nearly identical protein shake, which is much cheaper.

Interesting!   The chemical composition of the protein caviar is as follows: 10-15% protein, 8-15% vegetable oil, 1-3% fish oil, 3, 5-5% poparennoy salt 65-75% water.

To wrap you will need 1-3 jars of caviar protein (~ 27 rubles apiece), cleansing shampoo, plastic film, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, towel, vitamin A and E in capsules.

Spread the eggs into mush, add a few drops of vitamins of the vials. Wash your hair using shampoo deep clean, blot hair with a towel. Apply to the hair protein mass. Wrap head with plastic food wrap, top to wrap head with a dry towel. Wait 30-45 minutes and rinse with caviar weight not hot water. To avoid unpleasant "fish" smell, you can rinse your hair with a solution of apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 gallon of water).

Price:   ~ $ 100 for the procedure

Personal impressions:   I, unfortunately, can not compare the wrapping protein and natural caviar and appreciate the difference, but even after the "cheap" version of my thin hair was shinier and less brittle. I do this procedure 1-2 times a week.

The cure for stress - chocolate

Option Chic

In the twentieth century, when it became popular Asian philosophy renovation of body and spirit at the same time, beauticians, based on the latest achievements of psychology (perception of the human body texture and smell), offered to Europeans to try to imagine a new procedure - chocolate wrapping. Due to the unique properties of natural cocoa chocolate perfectly relieves stress and elevates mood.

Almost all of the Salon "Chocolate" offer reduced to three traditional steps - cleansing, toning and nutrition. In various SPA-package contains a variety of variations on this theme from quite traditional to very exotic (eg, massage 4 hands of cocoa butter) procedures. Depending on exotic treatments and cosmetics brand used and the price varies.

Price:   from $ 100 for the procedure. Required rate of 10-12 procedures.

Cheap Option

In principle, even implement a procedure such as chocolate wrap, can be at home. The only condition - you need to find an assistant who will carry out all the necessary manipulations. I think the best friend will never refuse to help you in this difficult matter - the pursuit of excellence.

For home wraps, we will use the normal "edible" bitter chocolate, as it contains the most cocoa. Depending on the build, we may need 1-2 tiles Russian chocolate with no additives, fillings and nuts (~ 20-40 rubles per tile). You'll also need sleeping coffee scrub (in principle, can be replaced with finely ground sodium chloride), 2-4 tablespoons of cream, plastic sheeting, 5 oranges, grapefruit essential oil, towel and a long warm coat.

Interesting!   The chemical composition of the chocolate: 30% fat, 6% protein, 61% carbohydrates and 3% moisture and minerals. The fat in the chocolate consists of cocoa butter, which includes 35% oleic acid (monounsaturated fat), 35% stearic acid (saturated fat), 25% palmitic acid (saturated fat) and 5% of other types of fats.

So first purification. To prepare this scrub sleeping coffee and cream. Massage movements put it on your skin and smoem cool water. Pat the body with a towel. Alternatively, you can prepare a salt scrub and cream.

Now the food. To prepare the masses for wrapping melt chocolate on steam bath and cool it, not to get burned. Now your assistant should evenly chocolate paste on your body and wrap film. On top we put on a warm bathrobe and sit or lie down for 30-40 minutes. And you can drink a calming tea and chat with a friend.

And the last step, toning. To reassure your body take a bath tonic. To this end, the warm water is necessary to squeeze the juice of 3 oranges, cut into the remaining 2 rings, not cleaning, and also throw in the water. Capa lemon essential oil. Now you can shoot a film and get into the bath. To complete the effect, you can light a candle and aromatic turn to music.

Price:   ~ 200 rubles for the procedure and chocolate girlfriend.

Personal impressions:   I love chocolate in all its forms from sweets to "chocolate" Cosmetics and Perfume with the scent of chocolate. Having once inside the wrap, I just fell in love with this procedure. However, the financial situation is not always possible to do it when I want to, so I'm imbued with the idea to repeat it at home. The effect of the procedure is the same home (except SPA-package, which uses massage and remedial figure aggressive cosmetics) as well as from the salon - in a good mood and velvet skin. I even went further, and try to imagine wrapping a mixture of cocoa powder and cream. I really liked the result.
Author: Inna Sedykh