Beauty Secrets of Brigitte Bardot
 At the time, Brigitte Bardot was known for her doll style. She was the first who dared to wear a bikini. Bridget - the first actress who announced the beauty of the female body a symbol of excellence. She made fashion elongated glasses and bright eye makeup. Now it has become a much more modest. Now Brigitte Bardot is fighting for the rights of animals and very religious. But in fact when something could give odds to any modern coquette.

If you would like to be sexy cat, then learn from those who stood at the cradle. After all, once Brigitte Bardot fascinated millions.

Here are some secrets of her femininity and sexuality.

The hair in the style of Brigitte Bardot

Perhaps this is the business card of a famous actress. Her loose and slightly disheveled hair brought to mind not just one man.

First you need to grow or increase hair. It is best to go with her slightly curled hair to make it look natural. Then, you can dye your hair. But you do not have to be a platinum blonde. If you look at pictures of Brigitte Bardot, her hair had more honey or caramel color.

To repeat one of her famous hair - sexy loose hair as if recently got out of bed - do the following:
  • Wash the head and wind the hair on the big tongs or packing. Zacheshite bangs to the side. Now pass your hands through the hair to make it look more natural. That's all. Hairstyle is ready. You can choose the side hair and fix them invisible.

Tips Brigitte Bardot skincare

The skin should always be in perfect condition. Steamed skin 1-2 times a week, to how to clean it. In addition, well, if it would have been a nice caramel color.

Makeup in the style of Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot has always advocated the natural. Therefore, even the make-up should be done with the use of natural colors and shades. As for the eyebrows, they also have to be the natural form. Do not make them either too narrow or too wide.

To repeat the makeup Brigitte Bardot You need to highlight the eyes.
  • Take a basis under the shade and put on the lid. Then take the black shadow and brush. Move your eyes from above and below. Next, apply to most of the century, and under the shade of a cream-colored eyebrows. Using your fingers blend the line between light and dark shadows. Then apply two coats of mascara. And the eyelashes, growing at the outer corner of the eye, apply more to achieve the effect of "cat's eyes".

  • If you are not very lush lashes, use the patch. Do not forget that once glued eyelashes, move the eye and then apply mascara.

  • If you create a makeup for the eyes, the lips should be dim. It is best to use beige or apricot shades of lipstick or gloss. So, bring a pencil lip of a natural color. If the lips are not very plump, the line must pass through the outer contour of the lips. Apply lipstick, preferably opaque. Again, natural color, since all the photographs Brigitte Bardot always frosted lips. Then apply a little lip gloss. To lips sexy and exciting.

Lessons sexuality and style of Brigitte Bardot
  1. Your wardrobe should always be elegant pair of black high heels. You can take the shoes that have open toes. From their sexuality must winnow them and you should feel themselves at a height.

  2. Be sexy, but not vulgar. Always be well maintained, if the situation does not require otherwise.

  3. Prefer the classic style of clothing. Since even after 50 years, looking at the photos, you will understand that looked stylish.

  4. Make a pair of sexy black and white photos. They will delight you and will help to open up, to realize itself beautiful and attractive.

  5. Old beautiful. Do not try to be what you are not.

  6. Practice opinion: "In the corner - on the nose - on the subject."

  7. Smile more.

  8. Work on your voice. So he sounded sexy.

  9. Be mysterious.

  10. Do not overdo with glamor. Prefer simple elegance.

  11. Be natural. All over. In behavior, makeup, hairstyle. Do not make yourself a statue.

Brigitte Bardot at the time was the breath of fresh air. His romantic style, sexuality, which is not intrusive, and the beauty of the bull, struck the whole world. Even now, in his 70s with a little, she looks great. The most important thing - to learn to be themselves and take their age as given.
Author: Vera Karabutova