Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria's Secret: Alessandra Ambrosio
 Alessandra Ambrosio - one of the models, which is a brand of laundry Vitoria's Secret. She was born in 1981 in southern Brazil. In 1996 he became a model. It is considered one of the most beautiful models. Alessandra knows how to teach himself and willingly shares her beauty secrets.

Alessandra and her figure

Among Vitoria's Secret models there is a tendency to quickly return the body to normal after childbirth. That's the supermodel managed to excel.

In an interview with Alessandra he admitted that recover their shape after childbirth helped her good genes and yoga classes. Although it is hard to believe. On the other hand, a small child is very difficult to stay in place.

Brazilians are very sensitive to your body, and deprived of complexes. Therefore, even gaining a few extra kilos, you can still remain one of the angels Vitoria's Secret, as this brand of underwear to choose those models that have something to see.

Beauty Secrets of Alessandra Ambrosio

To keep your skin beautiful, model goes to a dermatologist, who creates for her care of the skin. In addition, she always washes away makeup before going to bed, no matter how tired she was. Moreover, it is not only drinking water, and coconut milk. It contains many nutrients that are very beneficial to the skin.

As for the hair, she regularly makes the mask and is conditioned, as her hair is subjected to frequent drying. And for the hairstyle she uses serum for hair.

 Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria s Secret: Alessandra Ambrosio

Hairstyle like Alessandra Ambrosio

In Vitoria's Secret shows all models stunning hairstyles. To repeat Alessandra styling mousse you need for hair, nail and cream gloss. This hairstyle is like Alessandra fit most types of face: round, oval, square, etc. In total, you will need half an hour to do something like this:
  1. Apply mousse through the hair.
  2. Make a central parting.

  3. Take a large round brush.

  4. Take a hair dryer to dry and start to head back.

  5. Then dry the right and left side.

  6. Screw locks to comb. If you want to have a twisted curls, just once dried strands wound on rollers while they are still warm.

  7. Then go through the hair cream gloss.

  8. And complete all varnish.

If you prefer to wear straightened hair, or the length does not allow such a hairstyle, try to put the hair in a different way. This installation is suitable for an oval, elongated, triangular, square and face in the form of "heart". A good option for women who are thin and normal hair. You will need: hair wax, hair spray and cream gloss.
  1. Spray hair spray to hair styling.

  2. Make a central parting.

  3. Take a large round brush and hair dryer.

  4. Dry hair, pulling strands. To create volume and lift them from the roots.

  5. Then, using your fingers, shake your hair. And go over them with wax, without forgetting the roots.

  6. And in the end, use the cream to give shine to hair shine.

Here are some simple manipulations can help make packing as the star.

Makeup like Alessandra Ambrosio

Most models prefer to highlight their eyes. That Alessandra is trying to do this. To redo her make-up, follow these tips.

The most important thing - the presence of sunburn. The model is still in Brazil, and her skin has a nice bronze color. Therefore, if you can not boast of the same view, use tanning or bronzing powder.

But let's start with the eyes:
  1. Take the white shadow texture and creamy white pencil, put them on the upper eyelid and the inner corner of the eye. Blend well.

  2. Then take a pressed white shadows. Begin to apply them from the inner corner of the eye along the nose and then up the cavity between the eyelid and bone. Apply these shadows until mid-century, the top and highlight the inner corner of the eye bottom.

  3. Next, take the pink shade of creamy texture. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, apply them to the cavity between the eyelid and bone, but do not lead to the inner corner of the eye and apply the color to the middle of the century.

  4. Now take Pressed brown shade and emphasize the outer corner of the eye. And walk around the basin is already known to us, along its entire length. This is to ensure that the colors were mixed. Then apply a little bit of the same color on the lower eyelid.

  5. Take a lighter shade of brown and apply it to the middle part of the century.

  6. Now turn white pressed shadows and applied to the inner corner of the eye and a little climb along the nose. And also under the brow.

  7. Then we take a white pencil and pass along the inner edge of the lower eyelid. And on top using a black eyeliner or pencil.

  8. Now take it and apply mascara to the lower lashes.

  9. If you have thick lashes then simply apply 2 coats of black mascara. If not, then glue false eyelashes. Do not forget to use eyeliner to conceal the place where you paste them. And then nakraste lashes.

  10. Then we impose on the cheeks a little bronzer and blush peach.

  11. To take the lipstick lips natural color. And strokes put on the lips. Then take a pencil, the same tone and summing lips. And on top impose a transparent lip gloss.

These are the manipulations need to do to look like a model on the catwalk.
Author: Vera Karabutova