Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria's Secret: Karolina Kurkova
 Karolina Kurkova - Czech model, which is more known by hits Victoria's Secret. She had to go on the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair, lighted advertising Mango. And in 2006, the angel of the well-known brand underwear. It is always different: it gets better, you lose weight, change the images and styles. But it always looks confident and feminine. What is her secret?

Skin care and hair

Carolyn beautiful skin. To keep it clean, model every day steams it. That the skin does not dry out, it is important to drink enough water. Moreover, Carolina does not abuse sunbathing. Instead, she prefers to use a bronzer, which not only gives the desired shade, but also shine. Remember, the sun dries and ages the skin. Very good exercise for the person who thinks Caroline is laughing.

As for the hair, they have model thin and dry. It uses special tools for hair line of cosmetic products Victoria's Secret. And besides, he tries not to wash your hair too often.

As Carolina retains its shape?
Carolina loves sweets: ice cream, biscuits, chocolate, cakes. She, as well as Adriana Lima, trying to control portion size. So do not limit yourself to eating. With regard to training, she occasionally works with renowned trainer David Kirsch, who designed the New York diet and exercise plan. By the way, thanks to him, Heidi Klum was able to 3 months to regain shape after childbirth.

Although Carolina is one of the few who did not bother conventions. And proof of that is that one of the shows Victoria's Secret, it is, to put it mildly, was not in uniform. A Brazilian media even called her fat. But she is still the main model. And the dream of many men. So that even if you have excess fat, it is not a reason not to consider himself sexy.

How to create a hairstyle in the style of Victoria's Secret

Carolina looks very feminine at the shows Victoria's Secret. Her hair is dissolved, and the layers are stacked to create the illusion of volume. This hairstyle will look good on most women.

So, to do it, it is necessary:
  1. Apply mousse to damp hair along the entire length. It will help to consolidate the outcome.

  2. Make a central parting. From the tip of the nose, eyes and trace a straight line with a comb to create a smooth parting.

  3. Then take a large round brush and hair dryer. Separate your hair into small strands. Start from the roots to dry in order to achieve the required volume. Do not be lazy. The more carefully you make, the more effective the result.

  4. Then take a wide rollers with Velcro. Comb the strand, to ensure that there are no knots, and wind on rollers. Repeat the procedure for all the heads. Better course, to wind the strand immediately after treatment with a hairdryer, while it is still warm. Leave the curlers for 20 minutes.

  5. Remove the rollers and apply to the hair a little cream gloss. Do not touch the roots of the hair, or the amount lost and the hair will look dirty.

  6. Spray hair with lacquer.

So, you can just try at home to create an image of an angel.

 Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria s Secret: Karolina Kurkova

Makeup like Karolina Kurkova

All social events and parties models look simply stunning. Therefore, let us shall learn to do their evening makeup.
  • Let's start with the basics. Let's take a liquid foundation and apply to the entire face to smooth the surface. Then apply a little concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles. After that, take the powder and gently put on the face. Better if it will be crumbly.

  • Once prepared the face, apply blush. But not a lot, as well as to simply add color and make it look more natural. It is best if you take a pink or bronze blush.

  • Then, eyeliner and apply shadows. Then apply two coats of mascara and bulk to the upper and the lower lashes. To add shine, we put a little cream shine on cheekbones and outer corner of the eye. Ends eye makeup eyebrow pencil. Just do not overdo it. We do not draw eyebrows, just add a little color to them.

  • And the final touch - the lips. Lipstick should not be bright. Summing lip pencil and a little shade to the surface of the lips. From above impose a lipstick or lip gloss.

Let's learn from models of the secrets of beauty, and still is.
Author: Vera Karabutova