Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria's Secret: Adriana Lima
 Adriana Lima - one of the beauties, which is honored with the title of Victoria's Secret Angel. It does not matter whether you know it or not, but it's paces on his long legs on the catwalk and crazy men. It mixed French, Portuguese, American, and even Caribbean blood. And the result was no one else like appearance. It has luxurious forms, and always different. She has her beauty secrets, which she does not like to share.

The body is like Adriana Lima
To maintain her figure, Adriana Lima controls portion sizes, ie eat little but often. This way quite common method of weight loss among the celebrities. Since she is from Brazil, the preference for the national cuisine of the country.

As for training, the basis is a class of capoeira (Brazilian art of fighting, combining choreography, dance and aerobics). In addition, it does not forget to do cardio, such as running 30 minutes a day jumping rope. These classes - just a quick way to bring your body back in order.

Makeup like Adriana Lima
The model has a lot of opportunities to learn how to do makeup and find out how best to teach yourself. Adriana Lima prefers natural colors.

If you want to create the same make-up, like a supermodel, then follow her advice:
  1. Adrian always fresh and rested appearance. To achieve the same result, you need to get enough sleep. If the time to sleep a little, use a liquid foundation. Apply to face and blend well. Top impose little bronzing powder, blush, or you can use a liquid bronzer. Your goal is to emphasize all of your strengths and hide weaknesses, but remain themselves, and become slightly tanned and more mysterious.

  2. To add radiance person, use blush peach or apricot hue. Choose a color to match your skin color. Do not forget to apply a little cream-gloss, and the skin will shine. To all this lasted a whole day, a little powder the top.

  3. Do you want the same luxurious lashes, like a supermodel? To do this, tighten up your own. Then take the separated beams on false eyelashes. And with the help of forceps glue on the outer corners of the eyes. Then move the eyes with black or brown eyeliner. And use mascara gives volume.

  4. Adriana Lima prefers natural color lip makeup. Lip gloss should not be too flashy. To make way sexier circle the lip contour pencil natural color and shine from above apply.

  5. Use bronzing powder to highlight your neckline. Apply it on her cleavage. If the skin tone is dark, use a lighter powder. This trick will make your bust fascinating.

  6. Finish your image, using a cream finish. Apply it on the temples, cheeks, outer and inner corners of the eyes and under the brow. So you will emphasize the shape of your face.

 Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria s Secret: Adriana Lima

Hair like Adriana Lima
Adrian Long, straight hair. Thus they are not cut at the same length. This haircut is suitable for fine to normal hair.

At the shows Victoria's Secret, it can be seen with luxurious curls. Adriana This hairstyle is very suitable. This option looks very glamorous and is suitable for any occasion.

To do the same locks at home, take iron is not thick or packing thickness of not more than 1, 5 cm. Divide the hair into strands and obveyte every three times around the nozzle. Then gently pull utyuzhok and secure locks until until cool. Then remove the pins and shake his head to add naturalness.

You can try to do my hair in the style of Adriana and using a diffuser.

At supermodel dry hair, but they look luxurious. To get their shine, it leaves the air conditioner on 30 minutes. This is its main secret.

 Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria s Secret: Adriana Lima

More Secrets of Adriana ...
  • Drink more water and more sleep.

  • Spend more time in the sun to skin had a nice shade. But do not overdo it.

  • Watch your hair. Visit the salon every 6 - 8 weeks.

  • That the skin healthy and radiant, to care for her, try not to be burnt and a good moisturizer.

  • Exercise. So you raise your muscle tone and improve your figure. Aim of the same form in which it will be convenient to you, but not to the one that has someone else.

Adriana Lima does not fit the stereotype model. She is beautiful, intelligent and responsive. Remember that by choosing the image, you must strive to make you comfortable in it. In the end, you - it is you, as a model - a model.
Author: Vera Karabutova