Brazilian Hair Removal
 Brazilian waxing became popular in the 90s. And every year more and more women become its admirers for different reasons. Someone is doing for yourself, someone in order to please her man.

What is it different from the usual procedure of hair removal in the bikini area? Well, the main difference is that epiliruju everything and everywhere, and even between the buttocks. You can, of course, leave a small strip in the middle (this is a real Brazilian hair removal), but most women insist on the complete removal of hair (called the Sphinx). In total, this procedure may take 15 to 30 minutes.

What do people think about this doctor?

Previously, authorities needed some extra protection from external factors. Now this need no longer as clothing provides some protection. Some doctors even believe that the lack of vegetation in the intimate areas is more hygienic. No one can give a clear answer about whether the hair at the bottom or not. It is a personal decision of each woman.

So how do you do this procedure in the cabin?

Brazilian hair removal begins at the front and rear ends. Sometimes it may be necessary to change the position of the body and the host country pose to make it easier to remove all unnecessary.

Before removing just say, if you want to leave a little bit of vegetation. Some women even asked to paint something that remains.

1.   You assign a separate room. Then leave one so that you can undress and lie on a table. Therefore, in any case should take with a sheet.

2.   If there is any running, then you can gently shave as desired hair length for the Brazilian hair removal should be less than 1 cm.

3.   The best specialists, the faster the procedure will take place. I do not need to tell us how to apply the wax on the body. All have or know from personal experience, or seen in movies. For those who do not know, tell me. Specialist takes hot wax and applied to the skin. Then take a strip of cloth and put on wax. Once the wax has cooled, make the leap. Do not forget to breathe at this time.

4.   If the first attempt failed all removed, the specialist has to pull out with tweezers straight hairs.

5.   At the end of the procedure specialist deals lotion proepilirovannye sites. Just ask, what if redness, ingrown hairs, or other unpleasant phenomena. Qualified staff knows what must be done in such cases.

Some women after a Brazilian wax epilation want to permanently remove hair. Perhaps the thought of wax makes you panic? Or annoy you constantly growing hair? Then you can do laser hair removal Brazilian . Although this procedure is more expensive, but the renewal of waxing every 4-6 weeks sooner or later spill over in the same amount.

After laser hair removal, the result is more stable. During the procedure, the hand moves the laser, which affects the hair follicle as a result of such exposure hair cease to grow.

This procedure will have to spend several times to achieve stable effect. However, the outcome of the feasibility and financial capacity, before you start to do this procedure. Laser hair removal is less painful and has fewer side effects. Anyway you choose.

Useful tips

Any procedure is painful waxing. But with constant visits to the pain becoming less. You can try to drink something anesthetic somewhere in an hour before the procedure.

Do not be shy. You're not afraid of your gynecologist. Believe me, the expert has seen it all before. And you just another client.

Brazilian waxing first time held 3 weeks, and then again in the process. Over time, you will be able to visit the office less often, about once every 2 months.

Hair must be of a certain length.

Get ready, there may be side effects.

Relax. Do not forget to breathe. Remember, your main enemy - fear.

Better not to pursue the procedure at home.

Well, ladies, soon swimming season, so it's time to think about how to bring your bikini area in order. Maybe your man has long insisted on the experiment. Enjoy it and yourself. Discover new facets of their sexuality.
Author: Vera Karabutova