How to look at 100% on any photo
 Stop the Moment! You - well!

The models in glossy magazines look just perfect on every page look down upon us the true goddess with great skin and a perfect figure, of course we know that this ideal of perfection professionals spent a few hours in the make-up, styling and clothes. But we still want to look as great ... at least in the photo. To the photographs you always look smart, be sure to follow the advice of professional photographers.

The face
  • With dark skin is better to use pink, purple or burgundy tones, with light - less saturated and more natural colors.

  • To correct a round face, apply a dark powder on both sides of the face - it is visually lengthen its oval.

  • Particular attention should be paid applying makeup on the cheeks as they shape the face.

  • To adjust the large nose, wings and sides of the nose, apply a darker tone, and on the back - a lighter.

 How to look at 100% on any photo
  • Do not let your eyes blue or green pencil - they are too harsh colors.

  • The lower eyelid is better not fail. Just gently touch up the lower lashes.

  • Too dark or bright lipstick, especially a brown tint make you vulgar and add age.

  • To avoid the "blue baby" and excessive paleness in the photo do not use violet-purple shades of lipstick.

  • To lips look plumper, in their mid-apply bright pearlescent luster.

  • The contour of the lips should not be darker and brighter than the main lipstick.

  • Girls with large facial features better wear sleek hairstyles without bulky items.

  • When the facial features are small, do not overload the hair in small individual parts.

  • With a low growth is recommended to avoid too short clothes, fabrics with large and contrasting patterns, as well as cross-sectional and multi-layer clothing.

  • High-heeled shoes can give visual instability total female figure.

  • At full feet better to avoid tight pants, thick knitted stockings. Feet correct form suitable dark tone tights.

  • When taking pictures, try not to drop the head down, otherwise the photos may appear a double chin.

  • Look slightly upward. In this case, the eye will appear to be more expressive and more.

  • Never stand directly in front of the camera. Small turn heads always gives a more attractive result.

  • Do not be a "dummy". Try to relax and sincere smile.

Good luck with your photos!
Author: Inna Sedykh