Nail art is at home
 Nails for women - the card. Manicure is able to complement and balance your way. A nail art - a great way to quickly make you look well-groomed. In addition, bright nails exactly draw attention to you.

In times of crisis, people always start to show skill and ingenuity. After all, if money is running out, and the beauty you want, why not try to paint itself something of such things. It is not a question of something super-complex, and quite a simple image. You can draw anything on any nails and using a variety of materials. Be a little imagination and skill.

Therefore, if you are limited in the means, try one of the options. Over time, you'll receive all the better. Attack?

First you need to prepare the canvas for painting: to shape nails and level the surface with a base coat. And then you can safely begin to create. Please try to draw on one nail on each hand. And then, when the master and on all ten.

French manicure

One of the easiest options nail art is a French manicure. This is - timeless classics, and he always appropriate and always look well-groomed nails. First of all, you need to remove the cuticle and give shape to your nails. Ideally, if they are square-shaped. On such nails French manicure looks best. Then polish the surface of the nail. There are two basic ways of how to draw the line at the tip of the nail.

 Nail art is at home

First option Which is often used in Western beauty salons. Once trained hands, you need to apply a base coat over the entire nail. Usually used for this purpose clearcoat. Once you have done the basic color, take the white lacquer and put on the tips of your nails. It's okay if you get sloppy. Now take a brush and obmoknite a means of nail polish remover. It must not run off the brush, so dab it with paper. And begin to remove all the excess. Once you do this. Apply a top coat of varnish and let it dry.

Second Embodiment   It involves the use of strips. They can be bought, but you can make the most of the tape. In this case, you are struck after the main color and give it to dry, glued strips. Then paint the tips of the white lacquer. And then remove the adhesive tape. This option is suitable if you use colored nail basecoat. Although it all depends on your creativity and the goals you want to achieve. In some variations of this type of manicure, a certain negligence is beneficial and makes nails more interesting.

 Nail art is at home
 Colored petals
  1. Cover the nail colorless, white or other not very bright varnish.

  2. Then take a nail, for example, red, green and yellow colors.

  3. Sprinkle the top and the opposite bottom edges of each drop.

  4. Use a fine brush to mix the colors, giving divorce form or flower petals.

  5. Then take the black lacquer and paint the rest. Figure ready.

 Nail art is at home
 Elegance in the dark
  1. For the basics, take some dark varnish: burgundy, purple, brown.

  2. Using the right light tone paint, paint the top corner diagonally.

  3. Then take a nail painting, which will be in harmony with the previous two, and brilliant dust, and draw 3 lines each. They have to go from the left corner. And you're done.

 Nail art is at home
 Beautiful petals
  1. Use the basics of dark varnish. Fortunately, he is now in vogue.

  2. Draw separate petals.

  3. Then draw in white painted stripes.

  4. Add some black paint stamens. It will get something like a lily.

 Nail art is at home
 Fantastic decline
  1. Apply a golden varnish or gel as a base. Only the particles must be small. Allow to dry.

  2. Then apply the appropriate color nail diagonally from the upper right corner, but do not bring it to the bottom.

  3. Now take the black paint and draw a thin line on the border of two colors. And apply the top layer of colorless varnish or gel.

To create this manicure you will need 3 lacquer paint, 1 primary color base coat and flat crystals.
  1. To begin with we put clearcoat that will make the nail surface smoother. And if you take even firming, then another, and heal. Allow to dry.

  2. Then we put the main color. And give it to dry.

  3. Now, take a nail paint. Colors should be combined with each other. Begin to draw the first line just above the middle of the nail. The line should be in the form of a semicircle. As the tail of a comet. And alternating colors. Then, take the crystals and stick to the narrowest part of the picture. Do this in the form of a triangle. And the comet on the nail is ready.

Learn to draw everyone can. The main bit of patience. And the inspiration has always come.
Author: Vera Karabutova