Quench your thirst
 Dry hair - a very common problem, which can give you a lot of inconvenience. With a shortage of precious moisture hair loses shine, begin to break and split, bad to style and constantly confused. However, to cope with misfortune is possible. Specialists Paul Mitchell shared trade secrets with us.


If you have dry skin can not live without moisturizer. Dry hair also need special cosmetics, saturating their healing liquid. By purchasing a particular product, do not be tempted by a beautiful package - pay more attention to composition.

Good plant extracts moisturize the hair, especially Aloe Vera and avapuya . The latter are called Hawaiian ginger, which points directly to its geographical origin. Avapuya has long been used by locals for cosmetic purposes. It perfectly moisturizes and revitalizes the hair and scalp, and even strengthens the roots. Plus - facilities with avapuey have a very pleasant smell, help to relax and find a good mood.

In addition to these two components, in favor of a shampoo or a mask says that it contains panthenol, jojoba oil, watercress, seaweed. These chemicals saturate the hair and help to keep moisture inside. Furthermore, they neutralize damage from adverse external influences. These include solar rays, temperature, etc.

Three steps to perfection

The first stage of hair care - is, of course, their purification. You need a mild, gentle shampoo that not only removes dirt, but also caring. Typically, these funds have a neutral ph and is suitable for daily use. My head, control the temperature of the water. Too hot dry (and everything else) is contraindicated hair.

When washing the hair keratin scales disclosed here may have difficulty combing and styling. To soften the hair and smooth them using air conditioning, causing him a couple of minutes. You will approach special products that regulate moisture balance or retains moisture inside. Look for those in beauty salons, which presents leading professional brand.

Third compulsory for healthy hair treatment - deep care. Your main weapon - moisturizing mask with the same algae, plant extracts, panthenol. Unlike air conditioners, they operate within the hair, solving the problem of "global." Use it, therefore, it should be no more than 1 time per week - Apply for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

A nice addition

To the hair during the day did not experience discomfort, carry moisturizing spray and occasionally sprinkled their hair. The Council is especially important for working women office - commonly installed air conditioners take moisture and dry out the air, leading to unpleasant consequences for our appearance. Choose foods with natural lipids, algae, plankton. They may also be used as a facial thermal water, saving the means and place in the bag.

Moisturizing and Styling is (this, however, is more true of professional tools). Mousse or gel with plant extracts not only fix hair, but will also take care of the hair during the day. Excellent solution - a variety of serum. They condition the hair and simultaneously helping to keep the form stacking. Whey - an indispensable tool for those who do not like "styling sensation" on the head. There are products to add volume, smoothing, shaping tresses, etc.

Reliable protection

Very often, the hair become dry as a result of the negative impact of external factors. By eliminating the latter, you will automatically correct the situation and help the hair always look at 100 percent.
One of the main enemies - the sun's rays. Neutralize them to help special protective equipment - sprays, lotions modeling, air conditioning. In the summer try to trim styling that has UV-filters or use the air conditioner with SPF. Convenient indelible conditioning aerosols - they can be worn with a protective layer, and update as necessary.

By the drying of hair and causes a constant heat treatment (the use of straightening irons, hot air dryers, curling tongs and so on). To sacrifice the beauty and style and to give up all the devices is not necessary. Simply purchase a special tool that protects hair from the effects of high temperatures. We recommend cosmetics with avapuey, weed extract - it copes with the task, and the hair does not lose moisture. But from time to time also take breaks and delay hair with utjuzhkom aside.
Author: Irina Tiglina