The genius of color and texture, Aaron De Mey
 The attention of the fashion world focused right now on the new man in the team Lancome - young and talented makeup artist Aaron de Mee (Aaron de May). In 2008, he became art director of Lancome and has become one of the most influential figures in the fashion world.

Aaron De Mey brilliantly played by colors and textures, and combines modern vision of the mystery of the future. Like any outstanding makeup artist, he appreciates a woman's individuality and strive to emphasize the natural beauty of each woman. He devotes himself to "natural elegance, components of which are the charm, elegance and sensuality of women, her emotions, covering the modern daily life, and a modicum of curiosity, the desire for everything new, the unknown." The basic principle of de Mey - a combination of boldness, elegance and modernity - is the best suited true French style Lancome.

"Cosmetics should not hide a woman, or to change it. Cosmetics should help to emphasize the person identify what a woman wants to show or hide something that she does not want to ignore. One woman uses makeup to hide the shyness, the other - to express sensuality, or declare themselves ", - he said.

Aaron de Mey was born in the small coastal town of Tauranga in New Zealand, a picturesque town with beautiful scenery. Experimenting with color, he began classes at the Art College in Uaytkliffskom of Art and Design in Auckland. Painting was his hobby, he stands out the use of color and texture, with a unique combination of sensual elegance. It was during this time that he learned to use the light: Encourage friends, models and photographers, he decided to become part of the world of cosmetics. And soon he discovered his true passion for this occupation. Aaron intuitively felt needs of most beautiful women and sought to justify their expectations.

Curiosity and passion for new things pushed him to move to New York, the city that never sleeps. Here, the creative atmosphere of the "Big Apple" Aaron draws inspiration for new ideas here that he developed his own personal style. Thanks to the bright talent, Aaron met with many prominent figures in the world of fashion and reaches in his work of the heyday, he became famous for his ultrakreativnomu approach to work.

Aaron De Mey has worked with many famous photographers (Bruce Weber, Inez van Lamsverde, Vinudh Matadin, Mario Sorrenti), the most daring designers (Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, Riccardo Tisci, Eddie Slimane, and so on. D.) And the most trendy modern editions .

With numerous co-operation in different parts of the world, Aaron De Mey has acquired a free spirit, a natural desire for the new and the unknown, and a passion for experimentation. He absorbed the culture bit by bit all the cities where he had a chance to work. Women Tokyo he learned sophistication, originality and commitment to excellence; New York discovered a style as the driving force of self-confidence and individuality; Paris seems a daring combination of elegance and charm, and London - a way totally free creative person.

Being, by virtue of his profession, a man of Aaron, however, likes to spend his spare time alone, for example, a book of their favorite writer E .  M .  Foster .  In music like Nirvana or something from the 60s, loves punk, folk, or indie rock .  His favorite movie: "Elephant" and "My Own Private Idaho" Gus Van Sant's "Fanny and Alexander" by Ingmar Bergman, "Blade Runner," Ridley Scott's "Belle de Jour" Luis Buñuel, "Welcome to the Dollhouse," Todd Solondz and "Edward - Scissorhands" Tim Burton .  Aaron also collects furniture and accessories from the refined and elegant of the XVII century to the more radical, functional style of the Bauhaus movement, the work of architect Rem Koolhaas .  Among his favorite artists - ultra Sylvie Fleury, surrealist Salvador Dali, but he also loves the royal paintings of Goya, prefers photos by Richard Avedon and uncompromising image Nan Goldin and Robert Mapplethorpe .

Given all this, it is not surprising that his muse - a woman from the world of cinema, which always borders on fashion. His inspiration as modern heroes - from Nico to Edie Sedgwick, and recognized masters - such as Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, Meryl Streep and Faye Dunaway: they all share a radical style, which they indulge with the fullness of the senses.

Charismatic personality, cosmopolitan, a lover of rock and roll, Aaron de Mey threatens to create an entirely new image of the brand Lancome, the basis of which will be taken modern technology, the latest trends and current trends in the art of makeup. True to his predilections - Pure color and amazing texture - de Mey presented recently by a new collection of his makeup Piha. It is dominated by the black - the color of mysterious black sand beach of Piha in his native New Zealand.

At the end of the article, of course, I want to lead some practical tips from Aaron de Mey .

Visually highlight eyes   "Regardless of the overall image, I always emphasize the eyes .  Firstly, to give them a precise form, I draw a pencil line along the century, and then a little shade it for smoky effect .  Then I with your fingers or a brush rubs the line in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, depending on the shape of the eye and brightness of color, which want to get .  Then, to visually make eyes look more open, I put a little color in the inner corner of the eye and add color to the outer edge of the eye to create a deep and passionate look .  And most importantly - the eyelashes .  The eye should be closed when I put mascara brush, not to lubricate the color on the eyelids .  I carefully nanoshu ink layer by layer on the upper and lower eyelashes .  This is done in order to add volume at the base of each eyelash, without making it too thick .  In conclusion, I comb eyebrow brush before you use a pencil .  And the final touch: I cover lip balm line caregivers high-precision " .

Lipstick:   "Lipstick, I prefer to be applied to the lips with your fingers. Lipstick absorbed into the lips, the color of the best kept, and the shape of the lips becomes more natural. It also allows you to bring enough light cause almost transparent layer when you use a small amount of lipstick. Brush I use for matt shade and well defined contours of the lips. I experiment with color, I mix different textures and shades on the back of the hand. The main thing here - to surprise, to create a bright and unique colors. "

Make the face more expressive, using the color:   "I always use a moisturizer as a base, which nanoshu very carefully. In addition, it allows me to feel and understand the structure of the face, which I need to make more expressive with the help of cosmetics. The main thing - to create a form, give volume, without hiding any detail. For I use a small amount of make-up. First I align the complexion movements from the direction of the darker areas. Then I highlight certain areas using a lighter structure in the eye contour, in the middle zone and in the cheeks. And as a final touch, I nanoshu bit crumbly rouge to give shade tanning certain areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheekbones). "
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina