Well-groomed "claws" - the key to success
 Hands - a second person that you want to bring to perfection. In the XXI century nail care has become an integral part of the beauty industry, and the nails began to turn into an important element of fashion.


Emery boards.   Gone are the days of metal nail files. They destroy the structure of the nail, whereby it begins to exfoliate. At the edge of the nail, freaked mikroranami and bundles, can easily get germs, causing perhaps even the appearance of fungus. Therefore it is best to use a nail file with a Teflon-coated or silver. They are durable, comfortable, and most importantly - do not harm nails.

Important! For thin nails from the nail file more suitable sandpaper, for thicker - ceramic, diamond, ruby ​​or sapphire nail file.

Nail scissors.   Nail clippers designed to cut okolonogtevoy skin on the hands and feet. To produce a good scissors used steel grade, which is used for the manufacture of surgical instrument. Heat treatment imparts strength steel. Scissor sharpening is done manually on the diamond wheel. A special feature is sharpening scissors gap between the cutting edge (profile). This prevents the seizure of cut skin.

Tip! Always grind all rough edges remaining after the use of scissors.

Polishing tools.   To sanded irregularities and add shine nails using special polishing blocks and sawing. They usually combine 3-4 kinds of polishing surfaces.

Important! Sanding remove the top layer of the nail, it can not be used too often.

The sticks of orange tree.   After application of the means for removing the cuticle end of the stick wrapped with cotton wool and gently pulls back the cuticle.

Caution Always wrap the end of the stick cotton swab to avoid damage to the cuticles and nail root.


Means for softening and removing the inner lining.   These preparations contain keratolytics, capable to dissolve the keratin of the stratum corneum. In order to enable them to perform their function, the alkaline medium is necessary, therefore, the basis for removing the cuticle means comprise sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.

Hand cream.   Creams used for fragile, the layer of nails. They are very fat compositions contain humectants and reinforcing components, besides - allantoin and vitamin complex. All this helps make up for the loss of nails fat and moisture, keep the shine and elasticity, to become stronger. For intensive treatment companies have developed highly concentrated drugs, including ampoule.

Basecoat.   Base applied to clean nails and helps create a flat surface for the application of a colored nail polish.

Secrets of home manicure:

1.   It is best to file nails when they still have the old layer of varnish - it is to some extent protect your nails from damage. Podpilivaya nails, nail edge leave straight, only in the corners make a small bend.

2.   If spots on the nails, use a piece of lemon to remove them and whiten nails.

3.   To make your manicure always seemed fresh, and to further protect the nail, nail polish cover the fresh layer of topcoat every night and rub a little cream for cuticles.

4.   To strengthen nails make bath of olive oil. Hold thumbs for 10 minutes, then wipe off excess oil with a piece of cotton wool.

5.   Apply hand cream each time after washing your hands. This will help keep the fat balance in your nails.

6.   Let the length of the nail will be moderately short - it will make them less brittle.

7.   Use nail polish remover without acetone. It can lead to drying of the nails, making them more brittle.

8.   Never use cuticle clippers. You risk causing inflammation in the fingers and nails deny protection from infection.

9.   If you have a lot of work with your hands, short rounded nails - the best way to prevent damage.

10.   The delicate skin is sometimes sensitive to the pearl lacquers, varnishes hypoallergenic so choose.

eleven.   Lucky bright colors cause pigmentation of nails, so always apply at least one layer of basecoat before applying them to avoid it.

12.   In winter, always wear gloves to protect your hands.

13.   To varnish kept longer, wash your hands in warm soapy water, then wipe with a cloth before you apply a coat of varnish.

14.   Do not apply polish od direct sunlight - it will foam up when dry.

15.   If you smears nail polish, do not wash it. Dip the pad of the index finger of the other hand in the nail polish remover and gently pat it on a greased nail. A layer of varnish on it level off, and you can put it on top of another.

Masks and baths for hands and nails:

-   Mix 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon oatmeal and 1 tablespoon of honey. Grease your hands and put on that composition x / cotton gloves. Mask rinse with warm water after 15 minutes, apply a nourishing cream;

-   cook 2-3 potatoes, crush them with milk. Apply to hands or put your hands in a container weighing up to its complete cooling. Wash, apply a nourishing cream;

-   mixed quarter cup of sunflower oil, 5 drops of vitamin A and 3 drops of iodine tincture. The mixture was immersed fingertips for 20 minutes;

-   take a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice and a few drops of iodine virtually all mix.
Author: Inna Sedykh