10 professional tips for beautiful hair
 Proffessionalnykh stylists have always left there are a number of tricks that will make your hair is truly luxurious.

When summer ends, it's time to update the style and color of the hair along with a wardrobe. To find out what is fashionable in the coming season, we directly asked the experts to find out about the latest trends of beautiful and healthy hair.

1. Fashionable staining technique

This fall hair color does not have to be rich, pretentious or too bright. Apply a soft mixture of warm and cold tones layers along the entire length of hair. This technique involves the division of the individual strands of hair. Despite the unnatural colors (using warm or cold tones), they should be close to a certain light or dark shades. If you're thinking about the bright, distinct strands in the fall - do not you dare !!!!

2. Change your hair color to fashion this season shade!

Autumn - the perfect time to change the hair color! Chestnut brown or warm chocolate colors - timeless seasonal favorites, but the real excitement of this season called red shades - from Burgundy to bright carrot - embody the strength and the courage to risk. Color - a great way to emphasize the luxurious curls and breathe new life into them!

3. Universal haircut - Bob

On the runways, we saw everything - short men's hairstyles to long curls. Despite this, Bob, who has passed their position somewhat, is still popular and versatile. The length of the bean may vary from the cheeks to the clavicle. Classic, edgy, rough or fringe. Do not forget this autumn decorate your long hair bangs: general, combed to one side, or exclusively straight, adds to your sexuality.

4. Long and extravagant!

Orange, red, black and gray shades are mostly presented in autumn fashion collections, which was evident in the range of stores by the end of summer. The texture of the fabric is very soft. As a result, in hairstyles traced the length and non-formal approaches; colors are bright. This trend is likely to last until Christmas.

5. Bangs + fashionable painting - the main trends of the autumn

One of the trends of autumn - dark roots and a beautiful shade on the tips. Red, cherry, cranberry. Deep rich colors. This fall, welcome heavy, clear-cut bangs. The length of the shoulders or shorter still popular. But, in fact, it does not matter, short and long hair - the main thing that they were beautiful!

6. Tails !!

High, low, on his side, classic ruffled - any! Sexy style in minutes. Decorate your way, make a free tail, if you want to move it to one side, but make sure the gum corresponds to the color of your hair. "

7. Autumn natural

Autumn - the time the organization and structuring of all: the beginning of the study, the end of the holidays, the cold weather. Refined, sophisticated hairstyles will be popular in the coming season. The warm shades of brown, dark blonde, long beans. Women will give preference haircuts that are easy to maintain, so the multi-colored hairstyles provide shine without the need for monthly visits to the salon. But one image stands out beyond the trends of the coming season - a classic beach curls - which appear to be true even in the fall.

8. Air conditioning

To maintain healthy hair, do a deep conditioning procedure, like Kerastase Oleo Fusion every time you adjust the color. She smoothes the hair, making them soft and manageable. Complete the household air-conditioning treatments. Rub tool in wet hair. "

9. Spray + hair styling =

If you do not have time to wash your hair and you need to make quick styling, everything you need - a hairspray, a comb and hair dryers. Prysnite small amount of spray on the hair, take a hair dryer and dry them, giving them the shape of a brush. Repeat if necessary.

10. Thermal

Use a thermal protector or silicone products to protect hair before heat treatment, and do not comb the hair while they are wet. Use a comb with wide teeth to eliminate confusing place, dry hair by hand, touching them with your fingers and then comb comb with natural bristles. Healthy hair - a synonym for beautiful hair. Take time for home hair care and not neglect hiking in the interior. Avoid hot water on your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner in the shower early and ends shower and air-conditioning. Avoid aggressive rubbing with a towel. Instead, just pat your hair. "

A couple more tips. The shape of the face and prcheska

For each type of person has a perfect hairstyle.

- Oval - Any haircut.

- Circle - Hair below the chin, preferably of the same length.

- Foursquare   - Hair should soften the rough edges of your chin; well face framing layers.

- Triangle   - Any hairstyle that narrows down your chin and forehead expands, like, square bean.

-   Heart - Soft curly hair.

- Oblong shape - Hair style that adds width and roundness of your face, medium-length hair with short inner layers.

- Rhombus   - Any haircut.

PS. Two more fall fashion trend

- Long hair.   Very long - below the chest with a bang and a light foundation.

- For short hair - removal from smooth bean a la Katie Holmes to more textured style .