7 ideas for the fashion manicure
 In the summer so I want to look stunning from head to fingertips! On that only ladies are not going to achieve the desired goal: fashion accessories, hairstyles, hair styles, the latest trends and enchanting aromas. But without a perfect manicure and pedicure your image still is not complete.

Moreover, this season the main fashion accessory are still nails. There are many ideas on how to make your manicure or pedicure really topical: creative design, styling, accessories, jewelry and more. Even seasoned fashionistas will be difficult to resist the temptation to try all the new items. So, unfortunately, it is very easy to avoid "excesses", which is particularly undesirable in this season. After all, the main trend of the spring and summer - a return to naturalness and simplicity. Here are seven simple ideas that will make your manicure and pedicure the most fashionable.

1. trendy well-groomed hands and feet

Whatever shade of nail polish you choose, in the well-groomed hands and feet, he would look no better. Therefore, intending to make a fashionable design, first make sure: your arms and legs should be in good condition. If not, proceed immediately: the shortest path to beauty - a Spa-procedure. It not only handles returns well-groomed appearance, but also to cheer up. For the care of feet in hot weather it is best to choose a Spa-program with cooling effect - for example, drugs with marine ingredients. They are perfectly moisturize, deodorize and freshen feet, which is so important in hot weather.

Unfashionable: untidiness

Rough heels, cracks and calluses can ruin even the most exquisite pedicure. These "traitors" brought a fashion pedestal than one beauty. Therefore, to prepare for the summer season at 100%, choose a good tool for home care. Ideal cream with cucumber extract, chamomile, aloe vera and urea. These ingredients are excellent antiseptic and healing agent, which quickly returned to the beauty of your heels.

2. Fashion: oval and almond-shaped nails

This season, fashion - so natural. Again became topical classic oval and almond-shaped nails. It will emphasize your femininity and give freshness. However, this requires that your natural nails are beautiful, correct form. If such boasting you can not have the perfect solution - a manicure "Kreatyur." This nail design tailored to your individual characteristics: the color of skin and nail plate. These nails, though made of acrylic, look like very beautiful natural. Incidentally, the same procedure can be done on the legs. It is generally believed that artificial nails are necessarily long and thick. But this is not true - modern styling only hides the flaws and emphasize the advantages. "Kreatyur", made on the legs, will look very natural and naturally. No one would guess about your little trick.

Unfashionable: nails, stilettos and squares

Acute and square shape nail once and for all a thing of the past. Their solidity makes the image hard, and this is simply unacceptable in the new season. Elegant oval, on the contrary, will give ease and make your manicure a truly fashionable.

3. Fashion: bright shades of lacquers

In a fashion only light pastel shades. Pale pink, turquoise, berry, and even the classic white - these are real hits of the upcoming summer. Translucent watercolor shades are ideal for relaxation and for the office, the main thing - do not get lost in the variety. For office perfectly suited varnishes French manicure, on vacation or at a party trendy shades of pink and turquoise accentuate your individual style. The hit of the season was the retro-white: the color of both classic and avant-garde. It makes nails surprisingly bright, perfectly dilutes the dark tones and refreshes the skin. Retro white - the color, which is preferred as the simple, elegant lady, and headstrong girl hippie style.

Unfashionable: dark shades varnishes

Dark varnishes reigns this winter, finally lost relevance. But do not hurry to part with them. Perhaps this winter they come back into fashion again.

4. trendy nails short length

For the second year in a fashion nails short length. It blends perfectly with the classic almond-shape and give a natural, and most importantly - very comfortable to wear. A lover of comfort, this news obviously will like.

Unfashionable: nails XXL size

Long nails clearly not relevant if you are certainly not 15 years. In order not to look like an overgrown teenager, go to a small length.

5. trendy elegant design with rhinestones

The hit of the season was the design with rhinestones. However, if it is carried out in the winter in dark shades of nail polish, is now the basis for a steel light translucent color. The main principle - moderation and elegance. Shiny pebbles on white or pale pink marigold turn you into a real bride. A good idea would be to ring down.

Unfashionable "heavy" decor

To look luxurious, it is not necessary to decorate the nails "pounds" sequins, rhinestones, beads and rings. Restrained design in the style of Chanel with a small amount of transparent crystals of this will make you Miss Perfection.

6. Fashionable: French creative

Variations on a theme of his tunic is still in vogue. Colour tip manicured both classic and unusual. If you go on vacation, to dare to experiment a little and add a bright color. Make bright nail tips, for example, orange or yellow. This design will make you a queen of any beach party.

Unfashionable: Design vinaigrette

Even the most creative nail designs this season are subject to strict rules: geometric shapes, ornaments made of plastic, and variations on the theme of "hippies". Vinaigrette of abstract patterns and floral theme echoes of folk motifs will look ridiculous and completely unfashionable.

7. trendy doll style

In the fashion industry every season dictates the rules of the game. And so nice when the game is familiar from childhood. Spring came trendsetters offer a break from the glitter of gold and diamonds flicker and play with dolls. Porcelain figurines from my grandmother's closet, satin dress and lace parasol became a source of inspiration for the creators of fashion trends. Pale pink shades if transferred to a carefree world of childhood and create a wonderful holiday mood.

Unfashionable: vamp

"Overloaded" nails design and decor to suit the femme fatale, it is not relevant in this season. The asymmetrical shape of the nails, and multi-piercing "heavy" pictures on nails will not add you to the charm.

The material was prepared by Ole House.