Ayurveda in the XXI century - the harmony of body, mind and spirit
 Ayurveda - is more ancient than the trend in medicine. Ayurveda deals with all that brings joy in life.

Oriental theme is not new, but now just booming. Increasingly popular are beginning to use the ancient beauty rituals, which focuses on both physical and spiritual perfection.

One of the most ancient teachings about health, youth and beauty is Ayurveda - the science of life. It is a natural system of medicine, originated in India more than 4,000 years ago. The principles of various systems of treatment and rehabilitation, the world famous: aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine and stones - originate from the Ayurvedic science.

After the craze and synthetic drugs are not always safe, and methods of rejuvenation and improvement of the body people try to return to their roots - to nature. In addition, Ayurveda takes each person and problems of each person individually, which meets moods and approaches of the modern world. It is for this reason that currently offers a large number of clinics, salons and centers offering techniques based on Ayurvedic teachings. Classical Ayurveda is famous for its oil massage, unusual techniques and rejuvenating treatments. They use various medicinal oils, herbs and tinctures. Different techniques are performed by one, two or even four masseurs. So let's look at what we can offer interesting oriental "forge beauty."

One of the most popular and pampering Ayurvedic massage centers is sacks (Pinda Sweda Swedana or sharkara). To perform this procedure using the taut canvas bags filled with herbal powders, which are periodically heated hot medicated oils, herbal teas, or simply heated and applied to the body. Your body is pounded, massaged and warmed by these truly magical sacs that ultimately leads to the cleansing of toxins, relieve stress and tension, gives tone and nourishes the tissues of the body, strengthens muscles and improves skin texture.

Another no less useful and pleasant procedure, a powder massage (Udvartana). Massage technique aimed at correcting localized fat deposits, is done with a special pressure on various parts of the body to activate the exchange processes. A series of sessions of the exotic massage helps treat cellulite and varicose veins (the scourge of women in the XXI century), as normalizes capillary networks and subcutaneous fat. The procedure stabilizes the operation of all systems of the body, relieves tension, fatigue, weakness and abnormal development suspends muscles, strengthens and cleanses the skin, improves its relief and structure, gives tone and nourishes the tissues of the body, strengthens the muscles.

In some centers offer this service - full body massage from the toes to the crown (Abhyanga). Through a mixture of oils and healing herbs and a special technique, Abhyanga has a deep and extensive impact on human health. Oils and decoctions of herbs penetrate deep into tissues and dissolved toxins that are located either naturally or as a result of additional procedures. Oil, duration of exposure and the type of massage are selected in accordance with the constitutional body type, place of residence, age, sex and time of year. There is a deep and natural harmonization of body, emotions, the mind, reduces fatigue, mental and emotional stress.

In our information society, the human brain is constantly under stress - a large amount of information flows, the prevalence of hard mental work, the environment - all these factors did not contribute to the harmony of mind and body .  What to do? Again, to help us in a hurry Ayurveda .  Shirodhara - a procedure in which a decoction of herbs or warm medicated oil is pouring a continuous stream on the forehead .  A warm blend of natural herbal ingredients stimulates deep brain centers that are responsible for the production of endorphins - the hormones of happiness .  The ritual is classically used to relieve pain and muscle tension in the neck, head and shoulders, it helps with insomnia and stress, relieves depression and chronic fatigue, deeply relaxing and open the far corners of the mind and body .  The procedure helps to relieve tension, irritation, fatigue, anxiety, stress, fatigue .  The technique is struggling with the most common problem today - a headache .  After a series of sessions begins to get rid of insomnia and improve sleep quality .

Special attention is given such direction as ayurvedcheskaya cosmetology. A regular facial massage helps maintain normal color, texture and elasticity of the skin and slow the aging process and the formation of wrinkles, as a mimic and age. For massage is a very delicate part of the body like the face, using only natural products that do not contain synthetic ingredients. They nourish the skin with valuable natural vitamins and minerals, supported by its elasticity, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen muscle tone, adjust the natural fat and water balance, promote cell regeneration. Massage using natural remedies helps to relax completely, which is important not only to preserve the beauty and peace of mind.

Mixed 100% natural ingredients used for the preparation of cosmetics and therapeutic substances and oriental flavor procedures, not to mention their, proven by centuries of practical use, will help you achieve harmony of body and spirit, which is so we are lacking in this era of stress and bad ecology.
Author: Inna Sedykh