Bangs: to cut or not?
 Hairdressers have noticed a tendency - the desire of women to shave off huge bang.

The classic version - combed bangs to the side, softening the face oval.

Kate Moss (Kate Moss) - an established trendsetter - in this case became a follower: go out with a new haircut, very worried whether to approve the surrounding her new image. And now everyone is sure that the fringe - the shortest way to confidence.

But be careful not to throw in the pool with his head, before running to the barber shave himself, and bang. This style should be approached with caution.

Many expressed the view, seeing Mrs. Moss, her image has become commonplace and a little teenage, but we know that it is not so. You should think about covering the face of the additional layer of hair, although, on the other hand, the fringe hides wrinkles and is a great alternative to Botox.

If you do decide on the acquisition of a bang, you know that there are a lot of pitfalls.

If you have curly or wavy hair, bangs will really test your patience. So she was always straight, you will need on a daily basis to dry her hair dryer, use a straightening products and in wet and damp weather will become your friend Wireless styler Braun Independent. Is not it too?

Therefore, if you have at least some curves or bumps on the hair, do not take chances with a bang. It is best suited for absolutely straight hair. Bang - rather youth style, especially thick, so not for young women, it only give the age, especially if fringe has some intricate shape.

In addition to the age and type of hair, you have to consider your face shape when choosing styles bangs. If you have a round face, avoid thick bangs, they will do just rounder face.

Take, for example, a round face and thick bangs Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne) - a typical example of which few would want to emulate. An opposite example - Sofia Dahl (Sophie Dahl) - her round face framed by a soft fringe having smooth transitions and different lengths. It looks very attractive.

Also, for a round face shape suits and asymmetrical wide margin. But be careful if you have small forehead or a low hairline - the person may seem disproportionate and lose its own characteristics.

Tie a square edge for a narrow face shape because it opens the face and narrows the forehead.

However, proper bangs can soften and balance your facial features. If you just want to change, bangs can be an effective way to change. In addition, by her very easy to give up if you do not like the resulting image, or you just did seasonal variation.

Another important piece of advice: in the cabin as long as you have not begun to cut bangs, ask to be left a little bit long, and did not do too short. After all long bangs can always be cut to the desired level, but with a short already not do anything.
Author: Ann, New York