Body art - a solution for the holiday
 Body art - the art of bodily contradiction nudity and clothing, the balance between natural and conventional.

Russia - a country of many holidays. And increasingly, they were not celebrating the holiday table, and in a place where you can show off the new make-up or "walk the" new haircut. At these exhibitions, presentations, parties new direction aesthetics will develop harmoniously, bringing joy to others and creating an atmosphere of celebration. And, of course, such a holiday as New Year, we can not ignore. Referring to the masters of body art, you can impress your friends and relatives on New Year and Christmas holidays. Body art has unlimited possibilities. Giving vent to imagination, to your body, you can create stunning images that will be pleased to shock.

Body art - painting on the body - the art of self-expression in the creation of artistic images, which, thanks to natural plastic is able to breathe life into any image.
The desire to improve and decorate his body appeared at the person for a long time and is unlikely to disappear. At the dawn of humanity men applied to the body of drawings before the hunt, war and other events in the life of the tribe. Ancient people painted their bodies with vegetable dyes: colored clay, grass juice, black. In Europe, body art came in the XVIII century. At the end of XX century the naked body has ceased to be a taboo and development of the art of drawings on the body there is a rapid pace. Fashion at the drawings on the body is introduced sailors. Decorating the body is one of the most ancient customs, and this tradition has not disappeared, but continues to exist and develop.

Safety measures

- Before you begin, check your allergic reaction to the dyes, causing a bit of paint in the crook of the elbow. The test is preferably carried out for 24 hours before the procedure, since the reaction of the body within a few hours can not be shown.

- It is necessary to very carefully paint the model's face, avoiding contact with eyes. You can also use the special plates for the eyes or simply cotton pads. If, however, the paint gets into your eyes, they should immediately wash.

Colors for painting

The work begins with the design sketches of the figure, which is thought out image as a whole, all color and graphics solutions. Color in the painting plays a big role.

The colors are divided into warm and cold. K warm colors are yellow, orange, red, and yellow-green. Cool colors are called blue, violet, blue-violet, blue, bluish-green. There are also neutral colors: black, white and gray.
Light colors bring visual and dark - is removed. Warm colors coming forward and deepen the cold and removed. Therefore, to use warm colors highlights and for shadows - cold.

Accessories for body art

1. Base. Only the most luminous base guarantees a clean and bright colors. Therefore it is necessary to use a bleach framework that protects against paint penetration into the skin.

2. Sponge.   It is widely used for paints. To apply the basics better to use a latex sponge for make-up.

3. Pencils.   For basic pattern, you can use the usual pencil makeup, not very dark.

4. Brushes.   They must be of different sizes, it is very soft, with flat and pointed tips. Brushes should be natural and good quality.

5. Napkins.   They need to remove the excess paint and fix errors in the work.

6. Cotton Buds. With their help, they made minor fixes.

7. Body paints.   Basically three types of ink are used: a water-based, fat and tempera.

Council.   If you skin is thin and sensitive, try to use more cosmetics and fewer colors.


Stencils are used in body art is very wide. Stencils can be purchased ready-made, based on the adhesive. Self-adhesive stencils can be done only on the skin, for which paint is applied, or remove the paint with a stencil.

Stencils can be done independently. Cardboard, from which is produced stencil, must be neither too thin nor too thick. Pick thickness with which you are comfortable to work with.


The body art, along with stencils, widely used stamps, which are made on the basis of conventional seals. These stamps will help you to shape the future composition should be carefully followed the contours of paint with a fine brush.


Shimmer powder and sequins to help you make the picture complete form. It is possible to use the powder brush or cotton swab.

Especially effectively looks golden powder on the tanned shoulders and neck. Pale skin can be covered with a brown or bronze tone with a touch of golden powder.

Shiny powder and glitter are washed well and a mild soap.

Important!   Before you start, you need to degrease the skin. You can do it with soap and warm water, as funds dry skin with alcohol.

Flower pattern

Outdoor navel today - rage. Beautiful surface of the stomach serves as an excellent basis for the mural. Belly, being the most simple objects for decoration, yet may cause difficulty, since the slope of the pattern may change. But it is simultaneously becoming one of the advantages of decoration, as the motion picture forced to live.

Clean the skin area where will be located the picture. Then apply a skin moisturizer. The surface of the abdomen should be dry, otherwise it will not accept ink.

Apply to damp skin lighter base. Colors turn out great. The basis should be imposed 2 times, gradually shading on the edges of the contours of the abdomen. After drying the substrate (10-15 minutes) apply the outline of the picture. Center of the composition itself will be the navel. For application circuits can be used is not very soft gray or brown pencil makeup. Brush, apply the base color by filling in the outline of the picture.

Dark areas of contrasting color paint between colors. This technique will help shade the bright petals. After drying, the base color you can work on halftone superimposing translucent layers. The effect is achieved by rastushevyvaniya light shade to a dark base, and - on the contrary.


Butterfly - one of the most popular motifs. It is best to look at the image of the shoulder and in the neck.
Make a sketch or move finished drawing on tracing paper with a pencil for the lips and then apply it to the area of ​​the body where it will be carried out drawing. With a slight pressure on the tracing paper pattern printed on the skin. That it is better to fix it again, you can cut around a pencil.

Brush with a sharp tip to draw the contour of the body butterflies very dark paint: blue, dark green or brown. Then a different color paint over the rest of the drawing. Once dry, you can paint patterns on the wings.


Heart - the most popular pattern on the body. If you are afraid that you can not draw a nice heart on the skin, make a template out of cardboard. Attach the stencil plaster and apply the paint in several layers. After drying, after 10-15 minutes, carefully remove the stencil. Attach the drawing using talc.
Author: Inna Sedykh