Golden rules bronze tan
 Follow these simple guidelines to maintain the status of the sun goddess year round.

Although we all know that too much sun - a bad thing, but I still long for the golden sun shining. However, there is a way to maintain healthy skin. To keep your tan without sacrificing skin, fake it bronzer programs that mimic the effect of the sun.

When choosing a bronzer make sure it is not too orange or matte. Too large amount of flicker can make your skin rough and unnatural, especially mature. Never use bronzers - they are designed to "warm up" the skin rather than paint it.

Stick to natural makeup. If you use a bronzer, do not apply bronze shadow or lipstick. You do not want your face drowning in a sea of ​​bronze. Instead, play on the contrasts that improve skin tone. Easy eye makeup with brown or black liner and a couple of coats of mascara. For the lips, use bright colors such as coral, red or reddish-brown.

When you use a bronzer, apply a small amount of foundation or, in general, give up on it. Keep color as natural as possible. A large number of foundation will make your face "dirty" or artificial, ruining the desired effect. If you feel that you need a foundation, try to replace it with tinting moisturizer.

Bronzer powder is better suited for oily skin. If your skin is dry or moist you like the effect, choose a cream, sticks or gels in order to achieve the desired color.

When applying bronzer powder is important to have the right brush. A wide, fluffy brush - your best bet. First, dip the brush in the powder and pat it on the tip of your hands to remove any excess. Apply color to the areas where the most visible effect of sunlight, namely, on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Mix well. For a lighter color applied pink blush on the apples of your cheeks - so you'll get naturally.

Cream, sticks and liquid bronzers should be applied with your fingers. First, apply a bronzer and rub with your fingers to smooth the color. Then apply the shade on the apples of cheeks and rub in a circular motion. Color should be sent to the hairline. Balance bronzer can be added to the bridge of the nose, forehead and eyebrows to make the color more warm.

The main rule when applying bronzer - start easy and build color slowly. If you happen to overdo it with color, use a cotton pad to remove excess and light powder - to facilitate makeup.