Night shift
 Professional secret evening make-up and hair care: a few quick treatments, modern care and the right approach for every day.

These unexpected components prepare you the correct "clothing" for the night. "A little bit shocking elements - very sexy," - says John Sahag (John Sahag), Manhattan stylist, who made her beautiful hair brand name. "A wedding is, a cocktail party, or you just want to dress up -several simple tips will help sharpen your image beyond recognition."

Red lips

Dark red lips still old Hollywood fashion trend, but it is the new incarnation of the light, thin and less clear. Make a gorgeous red hue with the tip of your finger - a modern and easy-to-performance version, rather than a clear delineation of the contour of the lips matte lipstick. The bright, shimmering cheekbones, eyebrows, eyelids and lips - will automatically make you more luxurious. It looks very feminine and flirty.

Pink cheeks

We love the color at any time, but at night you can use it a bit more. The main "trick" - in the mix and the ability to make a natural way.


As you apply more makeup, or at least the deeper shades, your foundation / concealer / foundation / powder must bear a very light touch. Here the most important thing - do not overdo it.

Smoky eyes

Instead of the traditional gray shades, try other variations: dark green, burgundy, chocolate.

Sexy comb-over

The key point in the hair collected at the top - this is the minimum effort. This should be something tactile and not strictly structured.