Peace and quiet
 The most topical hair-trends of the season "Autumn-Winter 2009" and the ways of their implementation at home.

Fashion this season is loyal to the styling, as ever. If you look at photos and video hits "Autumn-Winter 2009", you can see the lush locks and shaggy, and next to them - smooth beams and perfectly ironed quads. Let's not super-size - these hairstyles is still more appropriate for the "special cases" and will pay attention to a smooth installation. This is a great, and most importantly, a simple solution for the office, and for a meeting and for publication.

Preparatory stage

To create a smooth, hassle-free styling, hair should be prepared, to be exact, to soften them, to make obedient and silky. Your main helpers in this - a variety of air conditioners, masks, serums. Pay attention to the products with marks "smoothing" and "skinny" - they smooth out the hair, and, in addition, to quickly solve the problem of split ends. For maximum effect, you can use a "smoothing" shampoo - look similar means of production among professional brands represented in beauty salons.

Keep in mind, that means caring only prepare the hair to create a perfectly smooth styling. If you want to bring to life the image of the podium, without proper styling you can not do.

Hairstyle in 2 minutes

 Peace and quiet
 So let's say you decide to straighten your hair and leave them loose. The algorithm of your actions should be as follows:

- My head, air conditioning use, then apply smoothing serum (serum). Given the acute shortage of time, you can skip the conditioner - a part of modern sera usually includes useful plant extracts and oils, we have the necessary effect. Do not overdo it - the serum should be quite a bit. Squeeze a few drops, rub in the palms and apply to damp hair;

- Modern serum can be easily mixed with styling agents, for example, smoothing gel or shine hair fixing. Here, too, know the measure - an excess of styling products make your hair sticky and dirty;

- Straight from nature hair simply blow dry, pulling the strands with a comb. If you want to curl at the ends of the lung, arm brushing - a round brush. If you have wavy hair, or you want to get the perfect shape of a clear need to use special utyuzhkom- "rectifier" - it is easy to use, however, this procedure is not very useful for hair. To minimize harm to such a placement, thermal protector spray the hair spray. And again, try to straighten your hair every day.

The publication

Smooth beam good for its versatility: on the one hand, it has not prideretsya no office dress code, and on the other, it will be appropriate and at the gala event, combining both excellent with the dress on the floor, and a cocktail dress. This hairstyle is also very fast: Prepare the hair; kill them in a high ponytail and twist in a roller or in a beautiful knot podkalyvaya pins or invisible. Secure varnish to your elegant beam does not fall apart at the slightest movement.

Want more pryadok "accidentally" knocked out of the hairstyle? Consider this point in advance, even before they make a tail. If you start pulling your hair later received a lot of ugly "cocks", and they are something you exactly nowhere.

If you are going for some celebration, think about decorating the additional hairstyles. Option for a very ceremonial cases - diadem. For events simpler suit small pins with crystals, butterflies with multicolored crystals, satin ribbons. But beware: richly decorated hair requires minimalist decorations. Combining with tiara and earrings shandolerami massive necklace, you will not look like a lady, and like a Christmas tree.

Briefly and clearly

Smooth styling short hair is quite easy to do using the gel. Modern tools make it easy modeling hairstyles, securely fixed, and give a glossy shine. The gel is applied to almost dry hair, then hands it to the desired shape. If you get the hand, all the action will take you no more than 5 minutes.

For holiday you can experiment and make so-called "cold wave", popular in the 40s. To do this on the hair gel is applied liberally, then again laid his hands "wave". On the whole diameter of the head it is difficult to do by yourself - it is better to apply to a professional salon. And, here, as a decoration on a bang or asymmetrical element on the one hand - the most it!

As usual, her hair would be nice to decorate a pair of stealth with crystals and satin ribbon contrast to hair color.
Author: Julia Gorbatova technologist brand Paul Mitchell