Preparing for rest
 Summer - the season of holidays, sea and sun, but need a little bit to try to make a splash at the resort.

You have not had a rest this summer and only watch with envy "Suitcase mood" colleagues? Then it's time to start preparations for the holiday. And may you still too early to pack, to put in order their appearance - it's time! Beauty program to the beach will not only meet the long-awaited vacation fully prepared, but will help to brighten up the long wait vacation.

To prepare the skin to tan, you can use special dietary supplements, which contain vitamin E, selenium and carotenoids. These three antioxidant fighting the devastating effect that has on the cell free radicals. They enhance the protection of the skin during sunbathing, give it a nice golden color and long retain a tan. Typically, these capsules are taken within 15 days before the trip to the sea, and then repeat their reception again after 15 days.

To tan beautifully and evenly laid down, it should be performed before a trip to the beach a few peeling procedures. In addition, free of dead skin cells the skin will be more receptive to care for her - or self-tanning lotion for tanning. There are two types of exfoliation. The former contain fruit acids Lightweight and designed for sensitive skin and delicate zones. The second type of exfoliating gommage contains various particles (eg, crushed bone) and is intended for tougher skin. For a beautiful and rejuvenated skin exfoliation, use once or twice a week. For a more mild pre-moisten the skin. For the same intense cleansing spray on dry skin. Means for peeling is applied with light circular movements, without undue pressure from the bottom up. Particular attention should be paid to a rough skin of elbows, knees and feet.

To look at the rest of this queen, pay special attention to their hair. This will help you a revolutionary development in recent years - serum for hair. They come in the form of funds to spray or cream and give the hair groomed, shiny look. However, if your hair is severely damaged by frequent coloring, then use them for special caring means of a series of medical cosmetics that deeply restores the hair structure. If you do decide to use the serum, apply it to damp hair, if they have a tendency to dryness. It does not give them confused and greatly facilitate the process of combing. For oily hair serum should be applied to dry hair. This will make them more shiny and give them a well-groomed appearance.

Another important stage in the preparation for the rest - well-groomed feet. A week before the trip to rest sure to visit the chiropodist. Give yourself 0, 5-1, 5:00 pleasant care of your feet and treat your feet to a professional massage. The day before the trip once again go the whole set of procedures - and your feet will attract the attention of the opposite sex the entire vacation.

Once before the holiday remains very little time, we often regret to understand that our figure is far from ideal. However, all is not lost! If you have only a week left, spend it with health, and for the acquisition of beautiful forms. Stick this week a fruit and vegetable diet, of course, if you have no contraindications for health. In addition to this power is very useful to the daily performance of morning and evening on an empty stomach, a complex of respiratory gymnastics Bodyflex. The combination of discharge diet and intense training will help you if you do not lose weight in a week, then tightened considerably.

In order to have while on vacation flawless look, do not leave without attention and your hands. Once a week, on the outside, apply a wet hand exfoliation, gently and softly, so as not to stretch the thin skin, perform peels, cosmetic rinse and apply a thick layer of nourishing cream. If the top wear cotton gloves overnight, it will provide a deep insight into the cream and increase the positive.

In such pleasant cares and troubles of the appearance time before your holiday will pass quickly and quietly! As a result, you will only have to collect the suitcases and enjoy while relaxing admiration of others men.
Author: Natalia Biatova