Preparing for spring
 You must be prepared to meet the spring in all its glory, and look so perfect as you can. And one of the highlights is the condition of your nails. Very often after the winter nails exfoliate, they break down at the most inopportune moment, weak and unfortified. Of course, you can build artificial or permanently use false tips, but much more convenient, more useful and easier when family healthy and beautiful nails.

It is important to get enough calcium in the body. The first step in our program of recovery nails - an abundance of calcium. At first You need to eat as much as possible a lot of dairy products: cheese - for breakfast, fish - for lunch, milk - during the day, cheese - for dinner. It is possible to focus solely on calcium and week to eat foods with a high content of it.

And you can drink calcium pelleted. Sold several of its species in the form of tablets with the addition of semi-sweet, there's even a cherry. But the most famous type - Calcemin.

Step Two. Here are the nails in order. Strengthened.   You can do this by using sea salt. Have you ever noticed that even after a week of rest somewhere on the beach and active swimming in the warm sea vodichke nails become incredibly strong? Sea salt is very fast and very well strengthens them. Sold it in any supermarket and at any pharmacy. You can take baths with sea salt. In the bowl of an ordinary need 30-50 grams of sea salt. Fingernails should be kept in the bath for 20 minutes After this procedure, do manicure - a pleasure. It is desirable to apply such a bath every other day for at least a month, and, generally, it is possible and every day. The result, as they say, on the face - or rather, on the nails ...

Step Three.   We make beautiful nails. Now there are many different means to strengthen nails. "Smart enamel", liquid shine polish, firming fluid ... so many things that is easy to get confused. I advise you to buy a 2-3 means: to fix the varnish adds shine, Cuticle and clever enamel. Liquid brighteners can also be used as a transparent varnish - nails look neat and very easy to hide all the flaws. Clever enamel strengthen your nails and give extra food. The liquid varnish to secure the best use for drawing on nails colors - so the term socks pattern will last. Also, there are several types of nail balsams structure with oil, but they are less effective than a liquid, since the nails penetrate the worse and more nourish skin.

Step Four. Fake nails.   Whether or not to use false nails - everyone decides for himself. However, much prettier look accrued and spoil the native nails are not much more than overhead. Because the glue that make for artificial nails, capable of eating into the structure of the nail. If used infrequently, then naturally it will not be harmful.

Step Five. Manicure.   You can not afford to go out with not made up nails. In a pinch, you can, but only if no manicure, but not with oblezshim varnish. Find a moment and wipe the remnants of nail polish, otherwise it will seem a lady from the market. If you can not draw on the nails patterns and ensure that the pattern remained, and time is often going to a professional master also is not - use the soft pastel shades of nail polish. Even if some of the nails to be imperfectly made up, it will not be noticeable.

And do not forget that the appearance of the nail - is half of your appearance. They say that men do not notice that the girls on the nails. It is not true, checking they are surprisingly able to evaluate only the manicure, to which there were any problems ... So watch your nails and be confident and charming!
Author: Marina Fomenko