Safe manicure
 Well-groomed hands with a nice manicure - "calling card" of each woman. But how safe such "care"?

Perfect manicure   - Is not a gift from nature, and the work of their own hands. For a long time manicure was limited to careful maintenance, its name is derived from two Latin words: manus - hand, cure - care. At the same time the secrets of brilliant in every sense of the nails were kept secret and handed down from generation to generation. Proper care and a good professional manicure can not only tidy nails and moisturize the skin, to resolve the issue with burrs or eliminate more serious problems, such as, for example, ingrown nail. Sleek beautiful hands become your second card.

Now the basic directions of manicure is a classic cut, European, hardware, SPA-manicure and manicures performed using mixed techniques. Recently published a new species - a hot, Japanese and others - are usually based on one of the above, adding to it elements of the exotic.

So, manicure - a procedure useful and necessary. However, if you go to look for the beauty of it, you should pay attention to several important points. In good salons and studios are afraid of losing customers and acquire disrepute. Therefore, candidates for the position of master of carefully selected, as in a good master cabin must be highly qualified and strictly abide by the rules.

1. For the prevention of infectious diseases of mother and the client must wash their hands with antibacterial soap before and after any procedure.

2.   All work surfaces and tools must be thoroughly disinfected after each client. This refers to the baths for manicure and pedicure drills nozzles, brush to remove dust dispersed, etc. If during the procedure at the tools got blood, disposable nail file should be discarded and metal tools - sterilized in an autoclave.

3.   Salon has to work with disposable towels and linen napkins or subjected to special treatment.

4.   Before using chemicals and materials for nail modeling is necessary to test for allergies.

5. Be sure to pay attention to the term and conditions godnsti drug storage.

6. Beauty must to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for disposal of chemical products.

7.   All employees of the cabin must be familiar with the safety instructions for working with chemicals.

8.   Each master has to go from your product at least 15 hours of training.

9.   The cabin should be tightly closing waste containers and their contents must be periodically destroyed.

10.   Beauty should be equipped with general and local (each desktop) ventilation.

eleven. In the course of working with materials to simulate having a strong odor, the master must keep them at a distance from the client, and the use of a respiratory mask.

12.   Inside should be a separate room for smoking, how remote from the place of work with chemical materials and from their place of storage.

13.   Chemicals to be stored in a separate compartment in sealed containers.

14. If the master noticed the customer changes or trauma nail plates, deep scratches and cracks in the skin of hands, it must recommend to consult a doctor before the procedure, manicure and modeling.

15.   Each master must have the necessary skills to give the customer a competent advice about home care of nails in between visits to the salon.

Neil-industry in the world today is on the rise. Here there are several important development prospects.

Firstly, it is a struggle for a secure means of nails. Among technology capacity are becoming increasingly important mikroekologichnye methods, odorless and dust and without UV curing.

Secondly, more attention is paid to the security of the manicure. Popularity edging (European), manicure and pedicure. European manicure is carried out without water and piercing-cutting tools. C using sticks of orange tree and a special agent that is applied to the cuticle, removes dead skin around the nail bed particles. The advantages of such a nail is almost absolute safety, as the cuticle is removed without damage. In addition, with each procedure, it becomes thinner.

The popularity and widespread safe manicure due to several factors: it is the risk of infection (AIDS, herpes, bacteria), and the trauma of cutting the cuticle, and aesthetic considerations.

Third, the increasing focus on health-reduction system for nails. Popularity acquire the basic foundations of medical, nutritional oils, lotions, antiseptic sprays and new kinds of nail glue.
Author: Inna Sedykh