Simple tips on makeup for busy women
 Working days and taking care of family leave no strength or energy to take care of themselves, let alone already make up. For real pros who receive for their work a lot of money, it has long been a thing of the past. We offer you a simple and easy-to-performance tips you can use to immediately refresh the image of even the most inveterate toiler.

For women, at the same time playing the role of the highly paid specialists in the company of his wife and / or mother's idea to apply makeup in the morning - the last thing that may come to their minds. If that's you, then observe the following advice on how to apply makeup and spend on it no more than 5 minutes per day !!

Defects and dark spots

Even if you have little time for a full make-up, still, use a concealer, foundation or concealer to disguise irregularities, redness and dark circles under the eyes. Masking hated spots will take about a minute or two, if applied only to tone problem areas. You can use eye drops Visine, to reduce redness before applying concealer.


A single layer of mascara is enough to highlight the lashes and make your eyes expressive. Soft strokes eyeshadow in tone to your outfit also visually increase eyes. This eye makeup takes a couple of seconds, but can be limited to one ink if there is insufficient time for the shadows.


In order to get soft, seductive lips, apply a little glitter. Lipstick or loop will take longer than gloss, but the contrast between the lips, shine, and even painted not made up will be strong enough.


Take a small amount of a few pins, clips and pins. Some hair accessories allow women to cope with the hair for 30 seconds. Liquid gel or hair spray also will come in handy and help keep hair for a longer time.
Finally, prysnite the perfume or toilet water before the exit door of the house.

Just five to seven minutes a day spent on yourself - and you are ready for a decent hike to work.