Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3
 Coral sponge.

Kate Bosworth (Kate Bosworth)

Spring beauty simply overflowed palette of bright colors, and you can without any stress caution luxurious coral lip gloss. Everything else should look heavy, if you use coral lipstick. Looking light and fresh, whole makeup should give way to bright lips.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

To create the image, like Kate Bosworth, connect the coral lips and bronze ages, black / brown mascara and a minimal amount of liner.

Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson)

Deep colors can create a perfect image for fans of evening activities.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

Reach dense coral tones, like Scarlett Johansson, causing brown pencil on the entire surface of the lips and covering it with a transparent gloss. "Brown always looks very advantageous."

Arquette Courtney Cox (Courteney Cox-Arquette)

If you have fair skin, like Courtney Cox-Arquette, leave the coral shades for evening out.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

Apply a nice bright shade on the entire surface of the lips - it's completely define your image.

Rebecca Romijn (Rebecca Romijn)

If you have dark skin, like Rebecca Romijn, coral - the perfect shade emphasizes your glowing skin. Start with the make-up lips contour alignment neutral shades. Then use a brush to the lips, to apply glitter and gently mix it with a liner.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

Try Stila lip gloss shade Apricot - it combines the perfect color and easy-to-use applicator.

Kubert Elisha (Elisha Cuthbert)

Coral shine freshens the whole image of the woman. It combines well with purple, transparent pencil, moreover, can be laminated on the bright pink lipstick effect.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

Paired with neutral shades and peach cheeks like Kubert, you get a perfect image of spring.

Eve (Eve)

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

Every woman can choose the coral sheen that would suit her skin tone. The famous make-up artist Paul Starr (Paul Starr), whose clients include Jennifer Garner (Jennifer Garner), Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) and Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie), recommends to go to a large specialty store and ask a local make-up artist to help you choose the right shade. "Try everything. Most often pale shades are more suitable for light skin and warm coral colors - for darker skin."

Diana Lang (Diane Lane)

Lan looks flawless with minimal make-up and coral deep luster.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

What is really great in the coral splendor, is the fact that it is a fresh, summer shade, and can be used as night and day.

Dzhinifer Goodwin (Ginnifer Goodwin)

Dim luster Goodwin focuses on her stunning eyes.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 3

For evening, try the image of smoky eyes and instead of beige lip gloss your coral - it will be a wonderful alternative.
Author: Ann, New York