Summer tips for hair care
 Caring for hair exposed to hot summer weather, a breeze, thanks to the heroic new products and technologies.


Be Cheeky

Moisture causes frizzy hair, but it can be stopped. Many experts agree that a girl aged 20 can get out of a difficult situation, without resorting to a lot of styling products. For example, the cult surfing with long hair bleached by the sun should not forget their strengthening. We recommend to use spray Phyto Plage Protective Sun Veil after showering or swimming to ensure light and power. The hair is then dried in a natural way, allowing them to relax and hair dryer. The super-straight hair is not for the summer, so you should not do without dryers and round brushes "to align the hair" - just be the right products. Recommended line Biolage Sunsorials.

Protection from the hot sun

In twenty years you can easily manage "tight," ponytails and "wet" chignon. Lovely rims - another alternative that will look appropriate in the daytime and in the evening. Of course, style casual does not mean the absence of the need to care about the hair. Long hair that looks so gorgeous this time of year, you need the power, starting with shampoos and conditioners that are smooth and straighten hair. New from Pantene Pro-V, Beautiful Lengths 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner helps to strengthen hair and maintain the proper level of moisture, so they will not dry out and curl. The proper balance of moisture and strengthens the hair; protection fragility makes them even.

Light color

Summer - the season when we want light and bright colors, but as the sun exerts a considerable influence on the condition of the hair, use only natural colors. Use shampoo for colored hair Pantene Pro-V Expressions, to make the tone more resistant.


Pulls out of the socket

The older we get, the more there is a universal desire to control, including the hair. Less modeling tools, fear of looking unkempt, disheveled and sexy than - some women do not find choice but to regularly use a hair dryer. At that time, as the hot styling for the beach is useless if you still want to look good (say, for a beach party), it is better to apply to the drying room. Professional equipment will give your hair a better chance of staying healthy. Another way - the right products. Restoration of Redken's Real Control Intense Renewal offers deep conditioning, while firming cream like John Frieda Weather Works Style Sealant Creme prepare hair to humidity.

Outstanding hairstyles

Recommended sexy, layered haircut length of the clavicle with bangs framing the face. Longer hairstyles can pull over your face, especially if you - a frail woman of small stature and short look pretty predictable. Beware of too much or too many layers of the multilayer short hair, especially on curly hair as there is a risk that the hair will appear square or too curly. Long hair weighs more, and under their weight usually disappears necessary volume. If exposed to water or wind the hair is curly, why not try this option? To ensure perfect curls and maintain their texture mousse suggest using Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Scrunching Mousse and cream Curl Shaper Anti-Frizz Crème. These two products - everything you need (even on the ocean!); hair will experience less stress, and look amazing.


Sleek style

Women 40 years of age need to be reviewed "flighty horses' tails." Zacheshite hair back for a smoother image. Try sleek ponytails, located between the back of the head and neck, below the center of the head, which raise the cheekbones.

Color question

After 40 hair needs more "swing" And they need to be protected; Sun will change the hair color, including, and red, orange and yellow hues. Ask your colorist recommend stabilizing shampoo (Garren Color Stabilizing Shampoo) to maintain the color and the spray as protection from UV rays, for example, Fekkai SunShine Shield Spray, for extra shine and prevent wilting hair.


Logic length

It is not necessary to make a short cut at this age .  If such an image does not fit your hair texture or your personality, do not do it, says Townsend .  Now people are in pretty good shape, and many women do not look 50, even if they do so .  Healthy and active women are able to look 10-15 years younger than his age .  But it should avoid too youth haircuts .  What is the danger? Excessively long hair can cause a syndrome of "16/61" - which means "look 16 when you're 60" .  Recommended geometric forms and clear lines .  The elegance and simplicity of the image of women adorn .  Acute haircuts for women 50-60 years old are the best one, but it does not mean that they should be rigid or too extreme .  Absolutely straight hair - a difficult task for women over 50, not to mention too complicated hairstyles that are very hard to maintain in the summer .  Strict, modifiable forms that define the face of a well - perfect .  Now especially popular bob, the length of which varies from the shoulders and above .  These hairstyles are very comfortable and do not claim to classics . 


Game texture

Using hair accessories, be careful - they can make your image too girlish .  We love the simple elastic headbands, hair combed to creating a useful voltage for the hairline and at the same time pushing back the uneven texture .  As for the texture, the hair of an adult in need of grooming .  The new line of Weather Works by Frizz-Ease by John Frieda created specifically for this controlling curly hair, filling them with moisture, providing protection from the sun, UV rays and harmful environmental factors .  At this age, in the first place there is a problem of gray hair .  Our society prefers to hide it .  Added bonus: the skin should be kept vibrant shades and colors .  The age, the skin loses pigment, so many women emphasize its bright shades of hair and makeup .  Okay, but rather complicated option is the bright color with blond strands that is more bold than plain shades . 

Required conditioning

With age, hair becomes more coarse. This, in conjunction with a permanent staining, as well as sea salt and Pool Access creates the need for air conditioning. Start with intensive use of shampoo. Vegetable Shampoo Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo by Aveda prevents dehydration. To align the texture new tool Joico Re: Nu Age Defy Primer (which contains vegetable oils, cashmere proteins and derivatives of wool from New Zealand to smooth out and restructure old hardened tips. The two-step process Kérastase Paris Forcintense restores the hair, making them stronger, softer and more shining.

The result? Naturally, that suits a young girl - summer curls, blond locks and lights - can work for anyone. It just takes a little more work.
Author: Ann, New York