The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2
 Colorful liner.

Keith Holmes (Katie Holmes)

Open your eyes bold spring colors. Bright colors are not necessarily choose to dress this season - a celebrity, like Holmes, use colored liners to spicing up the image of this spring. Makeup artist Tricia Sawyer (Tricia Sawyer) recommends purple shades for brown eyes, like Holmes.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

"First, apply shadows, and only then use the ship," - says Sawyer. "I like to put it on an internal" ring "of the upper and lower eyelids, in the region of their growth."

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Catherine Zeta-Jones)

To save the youth Zeta-Jones emphasizes your eyes blue eyeliner and shows on camera his Hollywood smile.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

  "This spring we noticed a lot of flowers in seasonal catwalks and shows" - said the makeup artist AJ Crimson (AJ Crimson). "Colorful liner on the lower eyelids - the new trend and fun at the same time very elegant." Crimson offers use eyeliner MAC for very easy application.

Beyonce (Beyonce)

Be bold, like Beyonce, with a dark blue or green liquid liner. Use a fine brush to apply the perfect smooth line or choose products with existing suitable applicator.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

  "Green and blue shades really suitable for any eye color," - says Tina Tёrnbou (Tina Turnbow), the famous makeup artist "Coloured liners - a great option because they really emphasize your eyes and make them brighter."

Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson)

Get hot eyes like Kate Hudson at the premiere of Fool's Gold (Fool's Gold) is possible with the use of bright colors on the basis of the lash line. Makeup artist Bedrani Sabrina (Sabrina Bedrani), which created the make-up Kate for this event are advised not to pick up a pencil color to the color of your eyes - it gives the contrast and brightness of the image you will not forget.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

To maintain stability of the ship until the end of the night, Bedrani inflicted a similar shade of shadow over the liner to secure it.

Jamie Lynn Sigler (Jamie Lynn Sigler)

Softer lines achieved using a special brush. Make-up artist from New Yoka Emily Kate Warren (Emily Kate Warren) first outlines the liner line on the wrist, and only then from there collects product coal brush. This method provides a softer line than the direct use of pencil.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

  "Color Liner enhances your natural eye color," - she says. "It's easy and allows you to quickly convert the daily make-up in the evening."

Livli Blake (Blake Lively)

Livli adds minimal natural radiance of your image with the gold liner.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

"Golden hue - a popular trend, whether it is light or bright, warm and sexy," - says the famous makeup artist Paul Starr (Paul Starr). "It is relevant all year round, and, accordingly, is perfect for the spring season." Connect gold liner with natural make-up and a light transparent shine for fresh innocent image.

Elaine Paige (Ellen Page)

Paige countered his deep eye color purple pastels. Add the liner on the inside of the base of the eyelashes to get sexual results. Make sure that the image is clean, not too crazy and dramatic.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

"It's a good idea - to use a concealer after the eye makeup - so you warn yourself from unexpected slips," - says Tёrnbou.

Gayhat Rebecca (Rebecca Gayheart)

"Colored pencils for eyes have always existed, but right now they are becoming more popular," - says Robin Cosio (Robyn Cosio), makeup artist salon Salon Maxime in Beverly Hills. Even the slightest hint of color causes a storm of emotions.

 The spring-summer 2008 trends Part 2

Gayhat line the inside rim of the eye purple liner, which leaves her look virtually free of blemishes.
Author: Ann, New York