The tenderness of the skin, soft touch - SPA-manicure
 SPA-manicure nourishes the skin of your hands and nails with vitamins, nourishes, regenerates and makes the skin soft and silky hands!

Now a lot of salons and beauty studio offers spa-services. But what does it mean to "spa"? SPA (from the Latin sanus per aquam) means "health through water", any: thermal, mineral, marine or fresh. This applies to all the "derivatives" of water: therapeutic mud, algae or salt. The salons offer services for hair care, body, hands and feet.
Let us dwell on the hands. Hands - the card of a woman, so a regular manicure is a must. The most pleasant view manicure today recognized SPA-manicure. It combines the benefits for nails with great pleasure to their owner. The result - a complete deliverance from the problems with the layer brittle, dull nails.

SPA-manicure - a comprehensive care of hands, nails and skin. A characteristic feature is the long duration of the SPA-manicure compared with the other species. Clear rules for such a manicure, in principle, does not exist. Of course, space for the imagination of the master conducting the procedure offers a huge, and salons are competing to provide a more sophisticated set, included in the SPA-manicure. Therefore each master has its own unique system of exclusive hand care. But manipulation devoted to one goal - the end result but the ideal hand means complete peace and relaxation.

The procedure for nail care usually starts with washing hands with antibacterial soap or gel. After that hand processed antiseptic, and then apply the scrub, gentle movements exfoliate dead skin particles, preparing to maximize the impact of hand masks. Scrub left for a moment, and then washed off with warm water, the area under the cuticle and nail brush is cleaned, increasing blood circulation. After the procedure is applied to a special nourishing mask for the hands. Her left for 5 minutes, then rinsed with warm water, the hands are dried. Then lubricate the nails nourishing natural oils or applied cream made from natural ingredients. The next stage of the procedure is carried out hand massage and polish. Once the butter and the cream is absorbed, go to the second part of the procedure - manicure and nail design.

During the procedure, can be used by all health-restoring ingredients that are available in the arsenal of nature: sea salt, mud, algae, herbal infusions, aromatic oils etc. .  Last squeak fashionable SPA-manicure - treatments with masks from foods that have active biological and cosmetic action - chocolate, milk, sugar and salt, honey and even the usual green tea .  SPA-manicure leads to softening and moisturizing the skin, enriches it with natural ingredients and vitamins, eliminates the problems with brittle, dull, a layer of Nail .  Also among the advantages of SPA-manicure can be attributed to the fact that in the end you can prevent all kinds of infections (including fungal diseases), your hands will be in perfect condition, you will get a wonderful opportunity to relax and unwind .  It should be noted that the SPA-manicure masters prefer not to cut with scissors or clippers cuticle and remove it, using a special composition, thereby nullifying the trauma of the nail plate .

SPA-manicure - a complex that includes a high quality moisturizing and softening the skin of hands, a gentle but effective peeling, the saturation of the skin with 100% natural materials. Such procedures can not only cares for the cuticle of damaged easily, but in general, gives an excellent result - the ideal hands and excellent mood. SPA-manicure - a journey from the world of everyday life in the world of luxury and pleasure, elite procedure that will make any luxurious hand and soft as silk. As a result, we understand that the exquisite manicure - a good way to help yourself during a conversation confident gestures.
Author: Inna Sedykh