Wedding Survival Kit
 Note: at the time this article was written specifically to help the bride look perfect on her wedding day, these five essentials for beauty will help any woman to be beautiful always and in any important case!

Probably, you know exactly how it will look your bridal makeup, and just have to find the perfect make-up artist. But are you sure that your makeup will withstand all the tears of happiness and congratulatory toasts?

It should prepare, not to spoil the magical wedding day because of some silly and annoying oversight in the makeup. This will help you five recipes wedding survival.

1. The color of the lips.   Even if your make-up artist insists that you need is a color of the lips, and not another, it is important that you yourself find the right brand and shade of lipstick or gloss, to be applied on the day of your wedding. In addition to constantly maintain the color in the order, you can purchase a second lipstick or gloss, which will carry a purse. And even better - to buy two extra shine, one of whom will be wearing a bridesmaid or your mom to avoid unforeseen situations. With constant kisses, toasts and congratulations correction makeup is a must. On this day you will have a million experiences and the last thing that should worry - this is the location of lipstick.

2. Cotton Buds.   Sometimes quality waterproof mascara and makeup artists best qualified can not fully resist all joyful tears.

3. Comb the eyelash. For the same reasons as cosmetic eraser, make sure that you have tested for eyelash comb to straighten any fragments stuck together, which could be the result of the tears of happiness or wet, hot summer weather wedding.

4. Blotter.   Get rid of any unnecessary gloss on the face will help blotting quality cloth that does not disturb your makeup.

5. Glue and tweezers for eyelashes.   If you have false eyelashes, there is always the risk that by the end of the night they can come off. Therefore, always keep handy glue to return them to their former position or tweezers to just delete.

Armed with these five tips, you will feel confident as ever, and can not worry about all sorts of unforeseen embarrassment.