What you should not do with their appearance
 Cosmetics really works wonders, making girls and women in fabulous beauties, but it can also play havoc with the tamperproof and turn into a monster beauty

Most cosmetic stupid mistakes.

Here is the top 10 cosmetic mistakes and tips on how to avoid them:

1. Contouring Lip:   I do not understand women who use colored lip liner. It always leaves a line around when lipstick or gloss will be erased. Prefer transparent or light aircraft.

2. Excessive plucked eyebrows:   this crazy epidemic proportions! Throw away your tweezers - missing eyebrows Pamela Anderson (Pamela Anderson) must remain in the 90s.

3. Colour choice 80:   hot pink shimmery lipstick at the makeup should be on the court to make a film, but not in your purse. If you want to play with bold hues, avoid flicker.

4. Clown blush:   pink circles on the cheeks create a feeling that you have gone too far with my mother's makeup. Use a cream blush transparent and blend well in a circular motion.

5. Off-bronzed face:   Only do not apply bronzer all over your face, or you'll look like a contestant mud fights. Stained the temples, sides of the face and lower parts of the jaw in the form of "C", to mimic a natural tan.

6. Liquid Eye Liner:   every day forever and become more bold and your ship can flow. Always use a waterproof pencil or liner, to avoid this.

7. Toned person:   so many women still use heavy creams that their face resembles images of 90s. But naprotjazhenii day a person becomes fat, creating a dirty stains on the face. Use clear liquid foundation, and always polish sponge chin to avoid irregularities.

8. Excess flicker:   this is a clear sign that you have a little girl who wants to draw attention to themselves - using sequins for a maximum of three places. For example, eyebrows, lips, and the tops of the cheekbones.

9. Eyelashes "all in one":   a situation in which all kinds of carcass - lengthening, volume and the effect of spider legs - are connected to the same person. Keep your natural lashes and do not apply more than one layer of mascara, or two on the edges.

10. Dry powdered face:   many women are so afraid of radiance that overdo it with the powder. A little gloss makes you younger and more natural - Apply powder only on the T-zone and use promakivat wipes during the day to remove excess fat.
Author: Ann, New York