Fashion trends in the art of massage
 In recent years visitors to beauty salons offering a wide range of services that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. In the field of beauty treatments is also a fashion trend, to help one or the other procedure is becoming more popular than the other. Thus, among the massage techniques are becoming more and more popular Ayurvedic massage representing eastern philosophy and the so-called Californian massage, which came to us from the United States.

The name "Ayurveda" - is derived from the name of the Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda .  The main objective of this type of massage - to restore both physical and mental balance of man .  In India, Ayurvedic massage - is an immutable ritual, and every man, whatever his age and had class, pprohodit it at least once a week to maintain the overall well-being .  The principles of Ayurveda is based on the close relationship of body and mind, which are considered as a single complex .  According to Ayurveda, the human body through a special energy flow passes - "breath of life", called Prana .  When the flow of this stream is broken due to stress or poor lifestyle, begins disorder in the whole body, headaches, general condition worsens .  During Ayurvedic massage specialist restores movement of the "breath of life", by acting on certain areas of the body .  During the session, the master uses various techniques and uses warm sesame oil, pure or in combination with another oil .  It produces stimulation of energy meridians using stroking, pressure and probing .  From the toes to the tips of hair, each zone alternately massaged .  Stimulating movement alternated with relaxing, thanks to this, the skilful hands of the masseur at the same time give new energy to the body and soul - relaxing peace .  Ayurvedic massage relieves tension, eliminates stress, normalizes sleep .  With the help of the body's toxins that accumulate due to poor nutrition and pollution .  This happens thanks to the restoration of blood flow .  The sesame oil that is used in massage, rich in linoleic acid, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, calcium .  It has a beneficial effect both on the skin and nerve endings .  As a preventive procedure aimed at preventing the development of diseases, Ayurvedic massage is becoming increasingly popular and has been a large number of its regular fans .

Origin Californian massage technique dates back to the 70s of the 20th century .  It was first applied in San Francisco .  Since then this technique has evolved into a truly professional therapeutic tool aimed at restoring the general equilibrium of man .  Nowadays, this type of massage has become very popular with the ever-busy and is in a constant state of stress of the population - businessmen .  Massage technique to perform a wide, slow movements with the use of essential oils and helps to relax, relieve stress .  Californian massage is an art .  Hands masters perform real dance dance, returning the body and spirit of man lost harmony, stimulating numerous nerve endings .  Benefits Californian massage is that it returns to man the feeling, the understanding of the body, normalizes the general condition, strengthens the nervous system .
Author: Natalia Biatova