Piercing: do it or not?
 The word piercing comes from the English words pierce - puncture. It was known in the days of ancient Egypt, but today he is reborn. The main purpose of the piercing - this decoration most attractive parts of the body, allowing you to draw more attention to themselves, to keep up with fashion.

The most popular type of body piercing - piercing ear. Moreover, not only the traditional pierced earlobes, and cartilage, and even the tragus (the small bulge on the release of the ear canal).

Increasingly vstrechayutsya navel piercing, nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows. Separately can be mentioned an intimate piercing and nipple piercings.

But keeping pace with the times, we should not forget that this procedure is primarily a medical intervention at which because of incorrect, ineptly made the cut can be touched a nerve. May begin inflammation, severe pain. In such a case would have to remove jewelry.

Another important fact is that when you want to remove the jewelry - the scar will not disappear, but will stay with you for life.

But if you are firm intention to decorate your body with piercing, must comply with a number of recommendations.

• In - the first, with a special focus approach to the choice of a specialist, you will entrust the implementation of this procedure. The competent person must give a comprehensive consultation. Elaborate on what needles to be used in any part of the body is possible and what is not desirable to make a puncture. How long will the recovery period. What should be done for a more rapid wound healing. Elaborate on the length, the material from which made the future of decoration. In addition, an expert on the piercer should, if necessary, not only to help, if a customer, for example, is on the verge of fainting, but do not fuss, creating a tense atmosphere, which is very difficult to carry out the entire procedure of piercing.

• In - Second, pay attention to the clean room, where the surgery will take place. The specialist should use disposable instruments, gloves, bandages. Also, special attention should be paid to ensure that the jewel has been thoroughly disinfected.

• In - Third, we need to know what the needle can be used for a particular type of body piercing. Puncture is performed classical needles for body piercing, or, if necessary to make a deep puncture or set a specific decoration used catheter needle. Please be aware that if the specialist is using guns puncture, the decoration can break the tissue, which leads to a long healing and improper formation of the channel. Also troubling is the fact that the piercing gun is in contact with human skin and blood microparticles previous clients, which can lead to the direct transmission of viruses of different diseases (such as hepatitis C and HIV infection).

• Special care should be to choose a piece of jewelry for the primary puncture, since the quality of the product will depend on the healing piercing. Many experts believe that you should not use jewelry made of gold and silver, which is only suitable for ear piercing. His opinions are based on the fact that gold contains impurities of copper, which is oxidized in the body. The consequences of this - inflammation, long-term healing. Also, people with hypersensitivity to metals may experience allergic reactions. Many piercer advised to use decorations made of niobium. Niobium - hypoallergenic material present in the composition of the human body, and therefore does not cause biological responses. For the manufacture of original jewelry for body piercing are increasingly used ivory and titanium.

• Special attention should be paid to the choice of the form of the product, Aware that body piercing jewelry is divided into two categories: products for the primary puncture and products for subsequent socks. The difference between them is a different length pins. The reason is that after the procedure, the puncture site swells a little (tongue, eyebrow, lip), so the ornament in length must have a small margin. In products for the primary puncture should not be used to decorate the cones instead of balls, with sharp parts, to avoid the massive and heavy versions. Change the dressing can be used only when the channel is formed, and the puncture completely healed.

Piercing, like any cosmetic procedure has a number of contraindications and complications may arise.

Piercing is contraindicated in diabetes, allergies, eczema, atopic dermatitis, in poor blood clotting, allergic reactions to drugs lidakoinovoy group. The procedure should be delayed at an elevated temperature, an exacerbation of chronic disease, leading to a weakening of the body. If the patient is under age, then he can do the piercing only in the presence of parents.

The procedure of piercing is not so simple and safe - can be complications that leave a trail for a long time in the human body.

For example, if you want to get pierced eyebrows, it should be remembered that it is penetrated by blood vessels and even the slightest injury can cause tearing of tissues, bleeding and spread of infection throughout the body.

When cartilage piercings in the case of infection may cause keloids (white or pale - red swelling, hard to the touch), from which dispose surgically.

Those decorated with the help of a tongue piercing should be aware that the presence of a foreign body on it leads to chronic injury, which can lead to malignancies. In addition, there is a violation of oral hygiene, there is an unpleasant smell.

And it is quite incomplete list of possible complications arising from the piercing. Since any intervention in the natural course of the human organism can not but have consequences. Those who still believe that beauty requires sacrifice, we wish that the ongoing operation has not delivered any trouble or distress.
Author: Elizabeth Ranevskaya