Tips stylist to the most luxurious hair
 Celebrities on the red carpet - retro favorites that inspire us courage to tease the hair as much as we dare to look great during the next party.

We share only the best advice on how to look good as a celebrity in the festive evening.

• Hair should not be completely clean. Light, fluffy hair after washing it would be difficult to lay.

• Focus on the roots. Tease small strands of hair to give volume.

• Use hairspray before backcombing. It is very soft and flexible tool, so you can use it and do not worry that your hair will become hard and brittle. This unique formula, your hair will sparkle like glass, and attract fascinated glances.

• Then gently flatten the hair surface with a soft brush, starting from the nape of the neck and moving in the direction of the neck and secure loose chignon.

• Then complete a shining hair spray. It is - everything you need for a rich shine and luxurious image.

The key to ensuring that the modern hairstyle - worry about how exactly are hair. Disheveled now in vogue.