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Eva Lanska writes in the genre of love detective. The history of each of its heroine - a modern Cinderella who finds happiness through hard work, intelligence and perseverance. Her drama - with a happy ending, when sad, they help the female reader to believe in themselves.

Eve 2 higher education: Moscow State University journalism and art historian degree obtained at the Sorbonne. There, in France, Eva worked as a leading channel France 3 and launched a successful drive c renowned French composer David Atellanom. In record time it took the top lines of the composition in the French charts.

The first great novel Eve came in 2008. His warmth embraced Russian readers and fans of the detective genre especially appreciated the style of the young writer. Today Eva Lanska wrote five novels. The total circulation of her books has exceeded 100 000 copies.

 Ask your question writer Eve Lanska!

Now Eva lives in Moscow. A daughter together with her husband Vladimir Khristenko. Literature - is the main thing and the only thing that is for the release of Eve's emotions, her inner "I" and vast experience, which she received from communication with completely different people in different situations. She draws inspiration from meeting new faces and old friends. And often it strongly influences the episodes of her works. In addition to the literature Eva is actively engaged in charity work in the field of training and education of children.

AST Publishing Group presents the book Eve Lanska - "Four men for one teacher." This is an exciting new novel, a popular writer who works in the genre of love detective. The book has all the basic signs of the genre of intrigue, mystery and romantic adventures. The main character of the novel Natasha Sitnikov travels around the world and into risky situations. But it is not motivated by greed for money and not an innate propensity to gamble. Natasha has a dream that does not give peace and heroine drives her from Moscow to London, from Paris - New York. In the finals, she gets what she was looking for, but in unexpected ways.

 Ask your question writer Eve Lanska!

In one of his interviews Eva Lanska said that he wrote the fairy tale for women who for someone already become a reality. The heroine of her novel "The four men for one teacher" - Cinderella, whose image is so close of the writer: a young, active, purposeful, a little adventurous woman in search cebya, happiness and love. Her path to the goal is thorny and dangerous, it is experiencing the ups and downs, but in the end gets her. Eva Lanska once again shows the possibilities of women's self-realization in modern society and tells his readers: "Happiness is! "

The young girl who wrote poetry and short stories in a notebook, the student gets to Paris. France met unfriendly - loneliness and nostalgia inspired her to create a collection of poems, which soon was written by French composer music. Next - the recording of the album in the studio, a successful singing career, shooting on French television.

 Ask your question writer Eve Lanska!

For Eve, France has become a country where it came first success. And not only. Already in 2008, she released her first novel, which is warmly embraced Russian readers and severe criticism. Fans of detective fiction writer appreciated the style begins particularly upbeat ending of her novel.

Eva Lanska could call myself a happy woman held, but, as often happens in romance novels, one day everything turned upside down ... And it was a necessary step on the way to a new happiness. To find peace of mind, Eve Lanska went to India, and then decided to devote himself to literature.

It was during a busy search of harmony, she wrote the novel "The four men for one teacher," in which he outlined his own experience victory over life circumstances. In the new book, the reader will find a combination of romance, irony, story of intrigue and philosophy of women's Eve Lanska.

 Ask your question writer Eve Lanska!

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Photo: Seva Galkin
Author: Julia Gnedina