Competition "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast"
 You follow the figure? Aim for a healthy diet and active lifestyle? Do you have the recipes of beauty and power? Or maybe just starting to think about it? We invite you to take part in the competition "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast", held portal and beauty company Herbalife.

Take part in the contest, write their thoughts on the theme of healthy breakfast (it can be stories, poems, essays, personal observation or recipe) and get one of ten prizes from Herbalife.

The competition is held during the month: December 1, 2010 to January 1, 2011. Share your recipe for a healthy breakfast, their thoughts and stories about healthy eating and the authors of the best records are waiting for excellent and very useful prizes - sets of cosmetics and products for a balanced diet from the company Herbalife!

The prize for first place in the competition:

 Competition "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast"

1. NouriFusion (multivitamin Cleaner for normal to oily skin);
2. Night Cream NouriFusion;
3. Purifying Mask NouriFusion;
4. NouriFusion Multivitamin cream for the skin around the eyes;
5. Daily softening body gel Herbal Aloe;
6. Protein Bars;
7. Formula 1 protein shake.

The prize for second place in the competition:

 Competition "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast"

1. Multivitamin moisturizer for normal to oily skin (SPF 15);
2. Purifying Mask NouriFusion;
3. Daily softening body gel Herbal Aloe;
4. Protein Bars;
5. Formula 1 protein shake.

The prize for third place in the competition:

 Competition "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast"

1. Purifying Mask NouriFusion;
2. Daily softening body gel Herbal Aloe;
3. Protein Bars;
4. Formula 1 protein shake.

Other prizes:

 Competition "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast"

Protein Bars from the company Herbalife.

Contest Rules:

• Dates:   December 1, 2010 to January 1, 2011.

• Summarizing: January 3, 2011.

• How to participate in the competition: It's very easy. His record all the contestants are placed in a special topic at the Forum - p = 33690 # 33690 . The number of entries per author is not limited. But the prize, each of the contestants can win only one. The recording format determines the author of the entry. It may be a story, an article, an essay, a poem, a recipe, or reflections. The only restriction: all entries must reflect the theme of the contest: "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast."

• Prizes:   The competition is played out 10 prizes. This three sets of cosmetics and products for a balanced diet from the company Herbalife (for first, second and third place), other prizes - rewards (protein bars from the company Herbalife).

• How to evaluate the work of the participants:   The best works selected by the jury, which included representatives of the portal, and beauty company Herbalife. It will be evaluated the original recording, optimistic, helpful to the reader. Have photos welcome.

• How can I get a prize:   Prizes are delivered only on the territory of the Russian Federation, however, participating in the contest, you acknowledge that you or your representative in Russia will be able to receive the prize.

Participate in the contest "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast!" Read the record of our competitors - it promises to be interesting! Good luck!

About the company - sponsor of the contest

 Competition "The best recipe for a healthy breakfast"

Herbalife International Inc. - An international corporation in the field of healthy lifestyles. S1980 has been developing and implementing a method of direct selling a wide range of products for a balanced diet, weight control, and personal care. The company's products are based on serious scientific research. They are distributed in 73 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, CIS by 2 million. Independent distributors. Herbalife's shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF). The company's turnover in 2009 amounted to about 4 billion. Dollars. USA.

Herbalife believes quality products to its principal obligation .  To create, test, and improve product formulas Scientific Center Herbalife employees are joining forces with a group of independent experts who make up the Scientific Advisory Board Herbalife .  The Council consists of about twenty prestigious scholars from around the world, including Prof. .  David Heber, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California (UCLA), Nobel laureate Professor Louis Ignarro, a specialist in sports medicine Luigi Gratton, Professor Alla Pogozheva, Institute of Nutrition, Alexei Borisov, teacher at the Moscow Medical Academy .  Sechenov and others .  Herbalife products are certified in accordance with the laws in all countries where the spreads .  Implemented in Russia certified products are manufactured in factories in Italy and the United States in accordance with GMP (good manufacturing principles) .  In 2008-09 we published the results of several clinical studies conducted in Germany, Korea and the United States, and confirmed the effectiveness of Herbalife protein products to reduce and maintain weight .  This study will be conducted in 2010 at the Institute of Nutrition .

Herbalife has invested in your brand significant investment, and to date has sponsored food for many of the most successful teams and athletes from around the world. The company also recognizes its responsibility to the communities in which it operates, and through the Herbalife Family Foundation, we support more than 50 Casa Herbalife programs around the world, including Russia. Through these programs, we provide support to charities for needy children better nutrition.

Over the past three years, Herbalife sells a number of projects sponirovaniyu leading athletes and teams in various sports. In addition, the company has sponsored more than 120 sporting events of international scale Herbalife supports such sports stars as Attila Vajda, winner of the 2008 Olympic Games (rowing), Lionel Messi, the best player in the world 2009 according to FIFA, Dmitry Polyansky, №9 triathletes in the world rankings Sergei Konyushok, the world champion on Power Extreme, and many others. The company is a sponsor of Nutrition 13 leading football clubs in the world, including vibrant brands as "Barcelona" and "Valencia" (Spain), "Schalke 04" (Germany) - and title sponsor of the football league teams, "Los Angeles Galaxy" ( USA).

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Author: Julia Gnedina