"Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny
 The group "MediaFort" currently includes more than a popular women's project - a women's magazine and forums myJane, culinary portal Povarenok.ru, women's social network myJulia.ru, beauty portal myCharm.ru, a social network for parents Country Mom, Handstitched portal Hobbyportal .ru.

This resources of different subjects, but they all share one thing - a purely female-oriented. Visitors are close to all the sites just women's issues: family relationships, parenting, cooking, crafts, personal care.

It so happened that all the projects are self-contained, and each - almost closed community. No, of course, there are users who registered on other sites, yet each chooses his friends and audience interests, and for the lifetime of the projects have developed quite competitive community, which will give odds to many real relationships.

We are all different - someone attract jungle debut journalism, who loves to read a well-written and carefully selected articles and then discuss them in forums, some prefer to create beauty with their own hands, and someone just loves happy to chat. But the women, regardless of age, will find a way out of the situation.

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny
  "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny
  "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny
 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny
  "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny
  "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

Therefore, we propose to find out more about other projects and the possibility of his! How? It's simple! Announces a contest: "Little Things for all hands" - a competition mezhportalny magic " . Competition team, ie at each site will be selected a team of 10 people, who will represent the resource, and that, with the support of other virtual girlfriends, will compete for the honor of his project. During the competition all have to learn more about other sites, as well as friends and we hope to make friends with their inhabitants.

Obviously, the mother of the "Home Moms" will "on its ridge," cooking contest works on children's theme and "povaryata" deem just basic cooking task, but a woman - being multifaceted, so we do not doubt that the work all teams will be at the highest level!

The competition takes place in several stages:

1. Creation of a team. The team can participate a registered user of the site. How to choose a team? The comments on this post you offer candidates who could enter the command. It is also possible to self-promotion, that is, wishing to join the team of your site can simply declare this. The selection of candidates begins with December 16, 2010 on January 3, 2011 . Then, January 3, 2010 on January 10, 2011   We need to vote to choose who in the opinion of the users of the portal can adequately represent the resource in the competition. If a person who has the most number of votes refuses to participate, instead selects the next on the list.
Team members create a group, a community or a thread in the forum, which can discuss their work. It is also possible for consultants from the users of the site. Such help is welcome.

2. Placement of works. All works published on the subject sites. To do this, the authors need to register on other projects. The work begins with a published January 11, 2011 . Reception of works will be finished January 25, 2011 .

3. Vote for your favorite work and selection of the winner. During the placement of the user's work portal that hosts the work have the right to vote for their favorite materials. Voting for the article to be closed January 25, 2011 at 23.59   by Moscow time.

4. Results will be announced February 1, 2011 .
Articles-winners, as well as the best teams are determined by the jury - the administration of the "MediaFort" taking into account the overall activity of the team, "population" of the portal, as well as the quality and quantity of articles. Important role to play and users vote for their favorite work.

Competitive job
Since all the portals in different directions, we offer to each team to solve brainteasers 6, which, of course, be in the form of articles. Each team presents two articles on each job.

1. Women's journalism - what is it? Articles about "Guys, we have offended," the "ladies-bitch" or something else? So, female journalism is different! Since the competition is held on the eve of the New Year, the contestants are invited to write an article on the topic: "My New Year's recipe of happiness." The form of articles, as well as the style is not limited, however, the material must be original and comply with the spirit of women's journalism. Welcome interesting ideas, humor and, of course, literacy and good style.
Articles published on the website www.myJulia.ru.

2. The employment of women, or a good housekeeper, which has never taken by surprise. How to make a very quick, tasty and beautifully? We offer the participants to prepare New Year's dish and describe it in artistic form (paper). It should be tasty, healthy, consist of available products. In the design of the finished dish must be present symbolism of the site, which is the author of this work. Mandatory minimum 2 photos: the initial set of products and ready meals. If the dish is complex, it is desirable to illustrate the process. The quality of the photos will be taken into account when assessing the articles, photographs in the article must be original (not previously participated in competitions), belong to the author or a member of his team.
Recipes published on the culinary portal www.Povarenok.ru.

3. "Gift at no cost." A good hostess nothing is lost! We offer New Year gifts to make from waste materials: scraps of cloth, thread, plastic bags, boxes, bottles, newspapers, and other, end of life of things. Perhaps the use of borrowed ideas, but the embodiment and the text must be completely original. Photos of the raw materials and the finished work are required, be sure to also complete description of the process of its manufacture. Welcome step by step photos and history of the present.
Publication of materials on the site www.hobbyportal.ru.

4. Our children - our happiness, joy and care. It is very difficult or, vice versa, simply and delivers only joy? During the holidays the children will be involved in the celebration, go to visit, to help parents to prepare the gala dinner and the design of the house. But after all this, they deserve a real celebration! In this competition, you are requested to provide the scenario of the New Year holiday for children. Contests, poems, exemplary embodiments of the costumes, recipes, light and healthy dishes, games - all part of the competition works.
Articles should be placed on the site www.stranamam.ru.

5. Beauty - terrible force? Or is it a necessary condition? Maybe beauty is not important, and most importantly - the charm and grooming? Here's what we suggest you to find out, or rather, to tell. How to manage to a relatively short time that remains before the holiday hostess, freshen up? Good advice, but better - a program of action - this is the competition task to be done. Welcome own photos, examples, the exact recipe. Of course, the articles should be original. Materials about the beauty salon are published on the portal www.mycharm.ru.

6. This task comic. Write a humorous essay on the topic: "How to stay healthy after Christmas feast mayonnaise and vodka or how to avoid it? "Within this mission possible stories about the failed New Year celebrations, jokes, stories about unsuccessful feasts, contests, dishes, one form of which makes you smile. Articles submitted for the contest must be original and not previously published in the network.
Work on this topic posted on the forum www.myJane.ru.

During the competition will be played 2 sets of prizes: Prizes authors of the best articles and thematic awards to members of the best team.

Brand SUPRA   It offers the best of the author:

Multivarka SUPRA MCS-4501

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

The volume of the cup - 5 liters, power 670 W, non-stick inner coating removable bowl, a programmable timer with LCD display, 7 programs avtoprigotovleni c indication, the ability to cook grits, cook stews, soups, cereals and land, the possibility of cooking for a couple.

Microwave SUPRA MWS-3730

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

The volume of 17 liters, the power of the microwave transmitter - 700 W Grill power: 800 W, 5 power levels, 8 programs avtoprigotovleni, avtorazmorazhivanie taking into account the weight and type of product, the timer for 60 minutes, signal the end of the work, the lock buttons on the children, digital display watches, stainless steel housing.

Two kettle SUPRA KES-2311

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

Power: 2000 W, 2.3 liters, disc heating element made of stainless steel, the installation on the stand in any position, 360 °, auto-shutdown, turn on the indicator light, transparent walls, lighting, removable filter

Two blender SUPRA HBS-625

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

Power: 250 W immersion blender, pulse mode, two speed, stainless steel knives.

Two grinder SUPRA CGS-327

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

Power: 150 Watts, Capacity: 50g, pulse mode, automatic lock, stainless steel knives, transparent cover, easy to rewind the cord.

Two dryer SUPRA PHS-1810

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

Power: 1600W, ionization system "ION", prevents the hair electrifying, heating mode 2, 2 speed, turbo mode for quick-drying mode "cold blowing", nozzle - Hub.

Brand Philips   presents awards to authors of the best articles:

Citrus Press Philips HR2752 Black.

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

The compact size, ease of use and elegant design make use of the citrus press is an important component of your cheerful morning. Fresh orange juice, grapefruit cocktail with lime, refreshing citric first juice - the whole strength of vitamins and antioxidants citrus help you to be in top shape every day!

Kettle Philips HD4670 / 20

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

A unique feature "indicator of water 1 cup of" allowing to boil in this stylish metal teapot as much water as you need. Therefore, you can easily save up to 66% energy and reduce environmental impact. The coil cord for convenient storage • Stand with 360 ° rotation for ease of use, a flat heating element for fast boiling and easy cleaning, • anti-scale filter for clean water, • stay-cool walls of security, four-phase security system.

Toaster Philips HD2630 .

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

7 modes toasting and cells of different thickness, is a function of the automatic centering, thanks to which the slices of bread will always be evenly roasted. Special grille makes it possible to warm up on toasted buns or croissants and defrost function allows you to save time cooking breakfast.

Blender Philips HR1367 .

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

Philips HR1367 combines the functions of a blender, a mixer and a food processor and allows you to prepare meals of varying complexity without the need for other devices. Thanks to the power of 600 W and a turbo mode, the device can easily transform any ingredients into a homogeneous mass that is the consistency that is needed. Whisk perfect for whipping cream, proteins and liquid pancake dough. A measuring cup will help to accurately calculate the amount of necessary ingredients.

Iron Azur GC4850   with improved performance characteristics.

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

Thanks to the powerful steam boost 170g / min and features constant steam supply 50 g / minute news cope with even the most stubborn creases and lounge. Iron Power 2600 W provides the fastest ultra-high heating and evaporation. The models are also equipped with a "drop-stop" system and dual protection from scale Double Active Calc, which prevent the appearance of spots.

All members of the team, took 1st place in the team standings (greater number of winning entries, total activity, solidarity and readiness to help each other) will receive prizes from OLAY.

Each team member will receive a set Olay Regenerist .

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

OLAY Regenerist is three products that complement each other: Serum Concentrate youth day cream - active renewal, night cream - recovery. Each means OLAY Regenerist contains unique OLAY amino-peptide complex that:
- Renews and transforms your skin cell by cell;
- Up to 200% helps to speed the regeneration of skin cells

Team members, runner-up will receive the brand Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion with a set of Pantene Pro-V (serum)   and Wellaforte (soft mousse collection for medium length hair) .

 "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny
  "Little Things for all hands" - a contest of magic mezhportalny

New indelible firming serum "Merging with nature" by Pantene Pro-V protects the hair from damage during installation and makes them really strong *, obedient and silky. Apply a small amount of serum to damp or dry hair after using the balm-conditioner or mask, pat dry and place.

New means of Wella Forte not only provides a secure fit, but also highlights the unique dignity of every hair length. Dazzling shine long, creative shape and texture short and stunning amount of hair of medium length - and so for 24 hours a day!

Contest Rules:

1. Become a member of the team site can be a registered user of portals of the "MediaFort", but it must go through a stage of voting for members of the team and to be selected by simply counting the votes. There may be recused, in this case, the user enters in the command, type the following points.

2. To participate in the competition the author and original, not previously published articles on a given topic. Articles should be written in Russian, competent and understandable. Genre materials is not limited, it depends on the author.

3. Articles and handmade culinary competitions must be illustrated by the author's photographs. The article should be at least two photos: the raw materials and the finished work. Step by step illustration of the process is to be welcomed. The right to use the photos in cooking and needlework articles must belong to the authors. Also culinary articles should be written in an artistic form, indicating the exact dosage products.

4. The amount of material from each team: 12 articles - at least 2 articles each job. The amount of materials from each author is not limited, and is not limited to items.

5. One author can win in several categories.

6. Welcomes the honest competitive PR articles on projects of group "MediaFort", and outside of these projects - websites, blogs and forums. However, we are opposed to spam and ask to place a request to vote only on the resources that allow placement of such materials. Under fair PR refers to a request to vote in their own diaries (blogs) and blogs of friends. Banned a mass mailing of personal messages unfamiliar users are also prohibited the request to vote on the walls.