QUIZ from Studio manicure Lena Lenina
 Answer just three simple questions about the manicure and get the chance to win luxury prizes from Studio manicure Lena Lenina 10 certificate per visit manicure studio, 3 certificates for nail and a super prize - a subscription service Studios for $ 15 000.

In order to properly answer the quiz questions, not necessarily to be a professional in the field of manicure, simple questions and answers do not require you much time and effort. But if you still doubt about the correctness of the answer, look for information on the topics of questions on the website Studios manicure Lena Lenina http://www.llmanikur.ru.

So, three quiz questions:

1.   Of every tree of the wand is made to process the cuticle?

2.   What a useful nail file to polish washed down: metal, glass or wood-based?

3.   What is the type of manicure, do not use cutting tools?

• Answers to the quiz taken   Here - in a specially opened the topic of our forum. Just go to this link http://forum.mycharm.ru/viewtopic.php? p = 33310 # 33310 and answer.

• Dates quizzes We await your response within a month, from October 28 until November 28, 2010, and the results will be announced on December 1, 2010.

• How will the prizes are distributed:   Once responses are received from all the participants, will be held a random sample of the winners. Guarantors of integrity of the sample appears management portal MyCharm.ru representatives Studios manicure Lena Lenina.

• How many prizes ryzygryvaetsya:   10 certificate per visit manicure studio, 3 certificates for the service "nail" and one (1) grand prize - a subscription service Studios for $ 15 000.

• What answers can leave one party: number of responses from the participant is not limited, but the prize each participant can only get one.

• How to get a prize:   The winners of the quiz will send their full name, surname and patronymic of the editor MyCharm after the announcement of the quiz. The editor will send you the address in Moscow, in which the winner or his representative will be able to get the win. Attention! Studios Lena Lenina is found only in Moscow, so the winners from other cities will be able to come for a win in the capital themselves or ask their representatives (friends, relatives) get the win.

About Studio manicure Lena Lenina:

Official site   http://www.llmanikur.ru
Phone a single reference:   749 66 89

 QUIZ from Studio manicure Lena Lenina

Author: Julia Gnedina