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 A month on our website held a contest for the most interesting questions of the writer Tatyana Garmash-Roffe. Today we call this interesting contest winners who will receive prizes from Tatiana. And the main thing - we do not say goodbye with an interesting writer, because Tatiana will answer every question from our readers.

Prize for the best book of the issues will be Tatyana Garmash-Roffe (description of prizes - here). A writer whose questions like the most - this question will answer itself Tatiana. Word of the author:

Happy New Year, dear readers! Please accept my best wishes!
Thank you for your interesting question. Many informative, unusual, important - in short, those that are really want to answer.

However, in terms of competition, I have to select only three questions and only two authors. Alas. Selecting hard ... But I had to do it.

Here are the questions-prize winners:

1. Lyudmila A.
You could retell your books to people who can not read?

I once introduced a modern apocalypse: on our planet because of some abnormal phenomena completely cut down electricity. No more computers, rose printing, printing of the book ... and revived the ancient craft of the storyteller! Writers come to the people and tell their books ... I could, I think. Thank you, Lyudmila, for such an original and fascinating question! Almost tie for a novel!

2. Alla Smirnova.
Dear Tatyana! Would you write novels, if they do not buy the publishing house, that is for the future generations?

An interesting and important question (on this subject a lot of debate on the Internet) - thank you!

First Statement. I wrote a lot of poems "on the table", a lot of stories, sketches and ideas. Without any purpose to publish them, as well as without thinking about future generations - I wrote simply because compose. And the first novel written as: I decided to try. On the publishing house began to think only when the thing turned and was approved by the circle of friends ... to go. And it was published.

Now, about the substance of the issue. I counter: Do you know Allah, though one writer in the history of literature, who published his works? No, of course - you can not know it, and that's because it has never been published. Novels that are written "on the table", hardly have a chance to get to the future generations. Moreover, if some genius during his lifetime he wrote "on the table" (for example, the censors did not allow you to print), and the descendants found the manuscript and published - that the reader will learn about this writer just because it is still a distance, albeit with delay!..

In addition, your question has a very important aspect of labor. Writing a novel, especially the detective, there is an enormous complexity of his work. If she has, the job, the prospects would suddenly walk up to the reader - it is unlikely that I will be put into it so much emotional energy and time. Compare this with a sense of the hostess who has intended to arrange a reception at the ready and all sorts of goodies. But suddenly it turns out that no one will come ... Will it prepare meals, knowing about it? No! The work is designed for the consumer and connoisseur of the final product. None of the connoisseur - and work is meaningless. Do you know the legend of Sisyphus? He was punished by the gods, and his car was meaninglessness   labor, no result.

3. elelenna
And you imagine, please, what the doctors said that you have to live one day, how would you spend that day? What would spend precious last 24hours of your life?

Thank you for this question! It is useful to ask it myself from time to time.
The last 24 hours? Two important things:
- I try to finish the novel.
- The whole family would gather to discuss how to live (and not grieve) without me ...

Now about the asker. Again, I want to answer to almost all. A very important issue raises Michael - The theme of electronic media and piracy is extremely relevant. Hovhannes   and Timur   asked a very unusual questions, like the psychological test. However, they are quite abstract - they can ask anyone, they are not associated with me personally. He surprised me with his acumen Larisa : Her questions were to the point. Lots of interesting questions related to the work of his nature and the process, sent other readers.

And the winners of this contest are Catherine   and Arthur .

Answers to questions of authors-winners:

[04.12.2010 12:05:40] Posted by: Catherine
1. Have you ever wanted to exclaim, after a writing a novel that like "Ah yes Pushkin, ah yes son of a bitch!" (At least to himself. 2. Who was your most stern critic and the first reader. 3. If you have the house all Your proizvedeniya..4. And the first time you decided to write and then publish the book- yourself or someone else to support. 5. sochinitelstvo- it for you in a rush, or an effort daily. 6. Do I need a PR the present writer. 7. Do you know how to type?

1. Sometimes :)

2. I myself, then the children, mom and select circle of friends.

3. There are, of course! And very nice and my husband stands out, so everything was available. Also check out the frequently asked - should have a romance with him.

4. Actually, I did not decide anything, - I do not ambitious writer and status (as well as any other status) I was not interested. Just in France, I found myself without any possibility of creative work (before there were articles about the theater). Sad. She helped her husband. He asked: "Can you write something else, except for the articles? "I recognize that composing life, and that there are a bunch of sketches plots for novels, including detective and science fiction. He said that I prefer. I said detectives ... "So, sit down and tries to write a detective" - ​​summed up the husband. I sat down and tried. After about a year I was holding his first novel, typed on a computer and beautifully twisted husband ... But once the novel already have - then it is necessary to him to do something, right? What you can do with the novel? Publish! We have it flown to Moscow through a friend, he came to the publisher - publishing its print. And so came the decision to become a writer.

5. Writing - a huge buzz ... But not always is. Sometimes, Muse takes a timeout. Here then we have to make an effort.

6. PR - is a means to convey information about the author to the reader. Products in the book market has become much, he already overstocked. Even demanding reader, who often have their own opinion about everything - the one that comes in the book, flip through a certain number of pages of the book and decide whether to buy it - should decide which book from the shelf and remove the scroll? PR can suggest a name. And then come to the right personal tastes and preferences: no matter how touted this author, the reader lay down on it their own opinions. On what basis, and will decide on the purchase of the book!

7. At the typewriter I typed all his Soviet youth ... And, you know, so happy that I went to the computer! Only those who are not ruled by their works, may extol the charms of a manuscript or typescript. I'm I correct a lot. I think the rewrite, write and insert a new scene, correct or delete any previously written ... Well, I did without a computer.

[05.12.2010 11:07:43] Posted by: Arthur
Hello Tatiana! 1. Title for you this is a commercial move, and it reflects the plot of the work, he comes up before the storyline and it is easy to think of. 2. Your personal experiences and stories of friends present in the novel. 3. How many writers in France of the same genre, and how you feel about the work of Granger. 4. Who is your regular readers and if you meet with him. 5. Who is more difficult to communicate with the director or screenwriter, or would you like to be a writer of your works.

1. My headlines always reflect the basic idea of ​​the work - but the question of the title is decided by the publisher. They are my names often do not like: non-profit, they say. Then I start to tear, so that I came up with "commercial". Sometimes pieces 30 offer, but they are not all so ... For example, the name of the last novel ("The second guiding star") was coined by the publisher - I was not able to offer one that would suit them ...

2. Experience is present, of course. But the reality, I never cheated. It is just an excuse for me, the promise for the imagination.

3. The author, working in the genre of the detective (and other related) many around the world. Granger is not my writer. For my taste, it goes over the top, part thriller.

4. My very faithful readers - men and women from 35 years and above. They, like all interesting story - but they are easier to read thoughts. Some truths are opened only with experience, why very young people, they are not always clear, seem superfluous. I met with the readers very often, unfortunately. I live abroad, as you know. In addition, a lot of my art connoisseurs also lives abroad, just on the other side :). We no longer write to on the Internet.

5. I have not had a chance to chat with any one nor the other. Film company the right to sell the publisher and the author no one asks what he wants. The miracle that turned a good movie! (See here: http://www.garmash-roffe.ru/ekranization/). I do not even hoped to be honest ....

Being a writer - it's a different profession. I would like to participate in the development, along with the pros, of course. But the current legal-legal schemes are not intended to participate in the work of the writer on the adaptation, unfortunately. In Hollywood, the authors of the books are not allowed on a gun shot to work on the script ...

Thank you all for your participation and interest in my books, for your kind words!

We thank Tatiana for answers and are happy to report that in the near future and Tatiana will answer the rest of your question, so keep an eye out for our publications!

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Author: Julia Gnedina