Cabbage soup and porridge - our food
 Now it is very fashionable to talk about healthy eating, as food those products that are grown in the region where people live. Well, it is, in my opinion, justified. Only now are many wanting to eat properly, they are increasingly turning to exotic foods from other countries and the image of a foreign power. As a result, instead of the desired improvement get indigestion from too spicy or just unusual food. In his article, I want to remind you of an old Russian wisdom "soup yes porridge - our food" as a healthy way of eating. Of course, I also love to try unfamiliar dishes, but the foundation of a healthy diet made her this principle.

Quite often heard from nutritionists that morning - the best time to digest complex carbohydrates, so I took it a rule to his "healthy" morning begins usually with cereal .  Cereals are a balanced source of vegetable protein, B vitamins, trace elements and, of course, the most complex carbohydrates, which charge us with energy in the morning and let us "live" before lunch .  For example, oats due to the contained zinc - is a direct path to a beautiful and healthy skin, and buckwheat due to the high content of protein is recommended to cook for those who want to build muscle and thus adheres to vegetarianism or fasts .  A full breakfast is especially important for those who work .  Often I watched as those who are not accustomed to breakfast, hungry already at work, satisfy hunger cookies and other sweets that healthy eating has, as you know, does not apply .  So breakfast, I almost never miss .

How do I find the time to cook breakfast, and do not be late for work? I found for myself a great way of cooking by the "intermission" .  So I cook the morning gruel (and not only) seemingly as an afterthought .  The essence of this method is that the first food I bring to a boil, and then disconnect, and the food as it steamed, "income" under the hood .  And so I repeat several times until done .  This method is very similar to the one that cooked in the Russian oven our ancestors .  This gentle way food is prepared, accordingly, it stores more useful properties, as well as saving energy (electric oven at me) .  In this way, I am preparing for several years, so the cooking porridge I need only one "approach": bring to a boil, turn off and doparit porridge .  The only thing you need to consider this method - it is the exact proportions of the liquid and cereals, while the dealer does not seethe (for example, in the case of crumbly rice for garnish) . 

Many people, especially men, say the porridge - it is boring and not tasty, and no exhortations about the use of cereals they are not sure. And in fact, there are many ways to improve not only the quality of the taste of cereals, and fill them with useful additions. For example, the easiest way - is to mix several types of cereals. Buckwheat + rice = excellent side dish; wheat + corn grits + pumpkin + a pinch of nutmeg = extremely useful porridge. By the way, for such a pumpkin porridge, I do not I cut and rub on a coarse grater, so when cooking it turns puree. That such simple arithmetic.

Or try the recipe herculean porridge with vanilla and spices. Add to the Herculean flakes and liquid (water or a mixture of water and milk) to taste raisins, walnuts, 1/4 tsp vanilla, 1/8 tsp cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and white instead of brown sugar add. This porridge can be eaten even without oil.

And if it does well, do not want cereal, replace it with sandwiches, but not with sausage and cheese and pears. Gently dry the bread in the toaster or oven, spread his Curd (I usually mix the cottage cheese with yogurt, and for savory sandwiches add parsley, cilantro, dill), and on top lay the slices of pear (for savory sandwiches it may be tomatoes, sweet peppers) .

I usually start the morning with a cup of warm, slightly acidulated with lemon, water and a spoon of honey on an empty stomach. But sometimes I can not afford to refuse a cup of black coffee. Yes, and you should not refuse, as Now open up more and more useful properties of coffee. Complete its valuable properties spoon of honey instead of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Tasty and healthy. By the way, cinnamon helps to normalize the metabolism and promotes mental activity.

For dinner I will prepare soup. By the way, heard that some celebrities eat soup three times a day to lose weight, because This low-calorie, easily digestible yet nutritious meal. I prefer vegetable soups and soups of legumes. Of course, vegetables are best consumed fresh, to get the most nutrients, but in many cooked vegetables retain their useful properties. For example, the carotenoids contained in the tomatoes and not destroyed by heat treatment. So I often cook tomato soup.

Melt a spoonful of butter in a saucepan, add 1 onion, a stick of celery, 1 clove garlic, fry the onion until transparent. Add a jar of tomato puree or fresh tomatoes and half the tomato paste, half a cup of water, low-fat cream, they can be replaced with milk, warm the mixture. Mix in a blender. Instead, you can add celery and basil. Instead of cream or milk, you can add sour cream, but after cooking, in a blender, or it will curdle. And do not be afraid of a small amount of fat in the soup - carotenoids absorbed only in combination with fat.

Or try the cream of zucchini squash. Fry onion, a clove of garlic and chopped zucchini rings, add a little basil and oregano. Pour the chicken broth or simply water so that the liquid slightly covers vegetables, boil for several minutes. Slightly cool, add 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream, a little cayenne pepper (you can do without it), mix in a blender. When a table sprinkled with hard cheese. It is very nutritious and useful, especially for those who are struggling with excess weight, because zucchini normalize digestion.

And sometimes I cook chicken soup, especially if you feel the first signs of a cold or if you just do not want to have anything wholesome. But this is not a simple broth and spices. In addition to whole carrots, onion and celery root or parsley, broth, I add black pepper and cloves 2-3. The most important thing is not to overdo it, because Clove has a strong smell and taste. But, as if everything in moderation, taste the broth is simply stunning. My answer to mulled wine.
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