Eat on health
 Now many people write about the benefits of fasting as a way of healing, rejuvenation and getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. Disputes this opinion, I will not, but in this article I want to emphasize that there must and can do it with health, especially since we have a culinary website. The only thing that one should bear in mind - this is a golden ancient rule "nothing is too." Do not go hungry and do not overeat, adhere to a healthy diet, but sometimes allows himself a little mischief in the food, well, when it is absolutely desirable. Then our body will operate as a clock.

And what use is that many are trying to afford indiscriminately different diets, thereby dooming the organism to constant stress. Yes, to lose weight, your body needs a shake-up - limiting the number and change in the quality of food, but this is only the first step. And then you need to switch to a reasonable, namely a balanced, power.

I'll start with the fact that the body needs for normal functioning of vitamins and minerals, as most of them are not produced by the body. Therefore, the main source of vitamins and minerals is food.

I love vegetables and herbs, and usually cook all sorts of salads for lunch or dinner for meat or fish. Fill salads with vegetable oil (olive or sunflower unrefined) or a mixture of vegetable oils (olive + flax). Vegetable oil, in addition to the high content of vitamin E, has a good choleretic property, and thus prevents the occurrence of gallstones and improves liver function.

Much has been said about the dangers of mayonnaise. But sometimes so difficult to wean itself from its use, the food without mayonnaise seems quite tasteless, especially salads. In this case, I help out various recipes low-calorie and healthy ingredients. For example, instead of mayonnaise, I use low-fat yogurt without flavorings. I add a 2 garlic cloves (use the press), a little olive oil (for losing weight and can not be added), a little lemon juice, any herbs (I love dill), salt and pepper to taste. Not even "boring" dressing. She has, for example, can be charged with a salad of cucumber and radish.
Or another gas station, which is well suited to the recipe salad of pasta. In a blender whisk yogurt, olive oil (it should be less than half the yogurt), feta cheese, juice of half a lemon or whole. Boil the pasta, mix with sweet peppers, canned green peas, onions (for my taste better than green). Drizzle with dressing and garnish with feta cheese, olives and black olives.

Another embodiment of refueling. Mix 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, add a little bit is not very sweet apple juice (less than 100 ml), warm the mixture over low heat, add 1 tsp prepared mustard, salt and pepper to taste. To this mixture add a little olive oil. Pour this mixture of spinach, lettuce, red onion. Add canned mushroom caps. It goes well with potatoes.

Instead of mushrooms to the red onion, spinach and lettuce, you can add chopped olives and chopped olives or feta cheese. Fill this option is a mixture of lemon juice or lime juice, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon prepared mustard, olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. If you want to add to this salad cubes or slices of watermelon. In this case the filling evenly as listed ingredients and watermelon. When I first prepared this salad, I did not believe that could be so delicious. So without mayonnaise food can be tasty and healthy.

But when you want something sweet, I prefer a cup of hot cocoa with milk or a drink with a funny in Russian transliteration of the name "smoothies" (from the English. Smoothie). Smoothie - it's a great fruit and dairy desserts, easy to prepare, which in hot weather can replace dinner or afternoon tea. And this is an additional portion of calcium and vitamins. Add the pieces of a blender banana, 1 kiwi fruit, half a cup of blueberries every package of yogurt. Whisk well to puree the state, but so that you could drink through a straw. If the drink seems too thick, add a little milk, but so that he will not get too liquid. If you do not trust overseas kiwis, put in a blender every berry of your choice. Just to taste, you can add 1 tbsp honey, vanilla extract bit etc. Just drink the beverage must-fresh, or banana turns brown and the drink will acquire an unpleasant taste and color.

Drink to your health!
Author: ApplePie
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