Helpful advice to those who want to lose weight
 The fight against obesity - a creative thing, you see. How many have to come up with healthy substitutions or harmful desserts too sweet to eat. If you are one of those who makes himself a diet, trying and experimenting, our advice should help.

Soya beans
Discover the effect of burning fat, which give soybeans. They can be added to soups and side dishes. Beans - indeed, a vegetable protein, which gives a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time, and thus not only saturate, but also reduce the appetite. Do you want to eat after 18-00? Include dinner protein foods such as soybeans, you did not have time to get hungry and will not go for a meal before going to bed.

Instead of sandwiches - Healthy pasta
Experiment with simple dishes like spaghetti. If we restrict durum pasta, as well as recipes for pasta with tomato sauce, dried herbs and low-calorie additives, the problem of hunger will be solved fast. You shall be filled for a long time and, as they say in advertising, "real pasta not fat."

Protein is important!
Especially for those who like to eat and can not afford to refuse tea with cookies. Protein speeds up the metabolism, so provide the body protein, especially at night when the metabolism is not so fast. In addition, the protein provides a feeling of satiety, which also eliminates the silly habit of constantly bear in the bag some snacks in the form of crackers, candy and sandwiches.

Fried ban
Believe it or not, but cooking on the grill significantly reduces caloric any dish when compared to fried. Baked vegetables without oil, as well as meat and fish on the grill - this is the way to lose weight!

 Helpful advice to those who want to lose weight
 Watery products at the end of a meal
Many of us do not gain extra calories during the meal and after it. We manage, as a rule, keep the recipe main course, but after the meal comes the fun part - the appetite requires a "continuation of the banquet." And in the course are pechenyushki, bread, etc. Sometimes we seized lunch fruit. It is though a healthy product, but it is better to give fruit is the start of the day - morning, before breakfast. Fruits lead to bloating, which then losing weight! But to eat after a hearty dinner, water-based product - it's a good idea, these things fill the stomach, give a feeling of fullness, carousing tame appetite. Foods such as berries, pomegranate seeds or watermelon - curb cravings for sweets for dessert.

Acute - Fat Burner
Consumption of spicy food helps the body burn fat more efficiently. But many can not get used to the exotic aromas of spices and hot spices. Then make a choice in favor of chili, it is not as intense and allows you to enjoy the smell of the food, not the seasoning. Chile, like other spices, speeds up metabolism, add it to the main courses and even light snacks.

Eat more often
4-6 times a day. This helps to keep the metabolism at a consistently high level. If a break in the meals more than 4-5 hours, the metabolism slows down, and a new batch of food the body recycles fewer calories per hour.

 Helpful advice to those who want to lose weight
 Vegetables without restrictions
Eat and thinner - this motto can be attributed to the vegetables. Indeed, they can be there indefinitely. The bigger, the better. And you were afraid that you have to limit yourself around! The vegetables do not have to!

Do not be afraid of healthy fats
Not all fats are bad, it is necessary to protect yourself from harmful animal fats. And you need to replace them with healthy, predominantly vegetable fats. They are found in olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed, avocados, nuts, seeds, fish and organic lean meats. The organism needs these fats, it can be said it is working. Brain and metabolic processes are impossible without the fat. Your calorie may comprise 20-30% of healthy fats.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin