New properties of the foods
 Scientists are on the alert - literally every month they bring new features familiar to us from your products. This knowledge can be useful when building your diet. After all, one can help us to become more attractive and happier, while others, unfortunately, are the cause of a bad mood.

Cosmetics on a plate
Scottish researchers found that regular replacement stick vegetables, and sweets - fruits significantly improves the complexion. To see the result, you need to use multiple daily servings of fruits and vegetables for a few weeks.

The scientists are not unfounded - they conducted an experiment with volunteers and have proven how beneficial fruits and vegetables affect humans. In particular, the subjects improved complexion, and associates began to consider them more attractive.

According to experts, the case in pigments that are found in many fruits and vegetables. They improve skin tone, it looks more healthy, and people - more beautiful. So, ladies, pay attention not only to the contents of cosmetics, but also on the contents of the dish!

How to painlessly migrate diet
The complexity of the diet lies in the fact that the products and dishes that are offered to eat for some time, not very tasty. We are talking about salads with vegetable oil (instead of favorite mayonnaise), fat cottage cheese instead of cheddar, cooked chicken instead of fried or smoked wings. What to do? Is it possible to alleviate the hardship of dieting?

Recently, scientists have discovered a great way to improve the taste of food without increasing its calorie content. Experts experimentally proven that high-calorie food images enhance the flavor of food. One look at the picture of the cake or pizza to the food on the plate seemed a lot tastier. That's how you can trick the brain by sending a signal of "snacks", but in reality replace it with a diet meal.

In the experiment, experts Nestle Research Center working on the taste buds with the volunteers and showed images of different foods. In parallel, the participants did a brain scan, which allows you to find the pleasure a person gets from a particular food.

It turned out that the pictures of carbohydrate foods increased level of fun - even the neutral taste they seemed very nice.

It turns out to look at the dessert is not too bad. Earlier, another group of researchers found that before the meal is useful for some time to consider food. This allows the brain to prolong the pleasure of food, even if a person as a result of eating very small portions.

Why not encouraging cakes?
Until now it was thought that one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your mood - to eat something sweet (like cake and candy). Scientists from California, however, found that trans fats in the composition of these products nullify relaxing effect of carbohydrates.

Scientists have shown that trans-fats, which are part of many confectionery products, increase irritability and aggression. As a result, instead of the good mood, you can become embittered - associates will take you out of yourself.

Previously, scientists have warned that these fats have a negative effect on the heart and blood vessels, provokes inflammation and disrupt the metabolism. Now it came to the emotional sphere.

Meanwhile, these fats make fat mass resistant to oxidation. Therefore, in the food industry, they are used widely enough - to increase the shelf life of products, and improve the taste. Scientists remind us that trans fats found in pastries, cakes, crackers, waffles, donuts, ice cream, and popcorn and chips.

Perhaps it's time to find a safe source of positive emotions? .. It is obvious that the sweetness of this important task is no longer cope.

Photo Catherine gardener
Author: Marina Tumovskaya