Potatoes and chocolate: harmful products became dietary
 As you know, most diets are based on serious limitations. Some suggest a decrease of total calories consumed, while others insist on the rejection of a number of products. It so happens that the number of enemies diets were such hot favorite of many products, like potatoes and chocolate. It is because of this passion for the wonders of cooking many people can not stick to a diet, and one fine day, far inferior food breakdown. Scientists for years have puzzled over how to turn the potatoes and chocolate friends in a healthy lifestyle. Finally, they succeeded.

Dietary starch potatoes without

Sverdlovsk scientists belong to an amazing discovery. They managed to bring the potatoes with a very low content of starch and purple flesh.

A new variety of potato produced by experts from the Ural Research Institute of Agriculture, more like a beet. People unaware easy to make mistakes, but the head of the department potato breeding Elena Shanin knows that this is not a beet and potatoes are a real miracle.

Thanks to the amazing properties of the new variety dubbed "Chudesnikom." On his arrival wrote all domestic and some foreign media. And no wonder - now the potato became useful.

 Potatoes and chocolate: harmful products became dietary

"The total amount of antioxidants in our potato extracted several times more than ordinary. Vitamin C 'Chudesnike "over nearly five times. But starch is almost no "- he told reporters Shanin. By the way, on the creation of new products worked only two experts - Elena herself and her colleague - senior researcher Elizabeth Klyukina.

Employees of the Ural Research Institute transferred its development into a major Tyumen Agrofirm. That she will Revolutionary growing varieties on a commercial scale. It is expected that ordinary consumers will appreciate the new product within a year or two. Wishes to grow their own healthy potato seeds can purchase "Chudesnika" in the NII.

Calorie Chocolate has been reduced by half!

Recommendations to reduce the consumption of sweets scientists do not give fruit. It is understandable - given the current diversity and genuine love for chocolate to give up the best of delicacies is simply impossible. Finally, the experts realized that going to be the other way - not "talk" to chocolate, and make dessert   less nutritious. The more that use in each tile too much - we need only mention the high level of flavonoids protect the heart!

As is known, the average tile stogrammovaya dessert contains about 600 kcal. Chemists been reduced calorie product twice. The invention belongs to scientists from the University of Warwick. After many experiments, they created a Pickering emulsion, which can be used in the manufacture of all kinds of chocolate - bitter, milk, white. Simply put - the traditional fat replaced with fruit juice.

 Potatoes and chocolate: harmful products became dietary

However, do not be afraid - not all useful chocolate   acquire a fruity taste. Instead of juice, you can use water with the addition of vitamin C. It should be noted that due to these changes neither the structure nor the appearance of the chocolate will not suffer - "by eye" from the "ancestor" can not be distinguished.

Scientists believe that this is only the first step on the way to a useful and low-calorie chocolate. There are still many discoveries that will enjoy the great taste and chocolate and not feel any guilt or fear of losing a slender figure. We look forward to new discoveries would!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya