Slim figure determined breakfast
 Not in vain folk wisdom says that breakfast is best to eat, and lunch and dinner and share. A number of recent research confirms how much depends on this meal - namely, your weight and figure.

Breakfast against an evening celebration of the abdomen

British scientists have named the main cause of the "night Jora", which does not allow people to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain their normal weight. This reason lies in the morning optimism, confirming yet another well-known truth: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

The fact is that in the morning people are full of desire to eat and then try to go on a diet. To do this, they eat a very light breakfast or even refuse him. This is the main reason that in the evening there is uncontrollable hunger. Scientists even calculated how fast is its accumulation. Every hour hunger increases, and with it the level of utility food drops to 1 to 7%.

The results showed: the healthier breakfasts were participants in the experiment, the more junk food they ate in the evening. Morning diet of the subjects involved yourself oatmeal, salad, or whole-grain bread. At lunchtime hunger intensified, and the volunteers ate something like serving steak or pasta with meatballs. In the evening, and did begin to "holiday belly" - doing away with the household chores, people relaxing and having coffee and donuts or waffles.

The culprit of this situation is the hunger hormone ghrelin. According to the common misconception "hunger can be overcome." However, it is not - it can only drown, but accumulate in the body, it will require a portion of calories. As a result, during the evening or night meal person does not stop - it simply can not eat.

Scientists are advised not to skip meals and do not try to limit the diet in the first half of the day, eating only low-calorie foods. No positive effect it will not give - quite the contrary.

To monitor ghrelin need to eat not only the right but also balanced. To do this, you must not forget to include in the diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. At least two of the meal should be protein. So, breakfast is best to eat eggs, cottage cheese, or cheese. For lunch it is imperative to include in the diet of meat or fish.

Sweets in the morning: is not only possible but necessary!

Nutritionists at the University of Tel Aviv came to the conclusion that a good tool for losing weight can become ... sweets for breakfast.

Dessert in the morning not only get fabulous fun, but do not load up later. The hypothesis was confirmed by scientists in the experiment, which was attended by 200 people suffering from excess weight.

The volunteers were divided into two groups in accordance with the proposed diets. Both diets contained 1,600 calories a day for men and 1400 for the fairer sex. The first group was allowed to eat donuts for breakfast (600 calories), the second group received a little more than eating another meal.

It turned out that "sweet diet" people not only suffered from less restriction. They managed to keep longer the result of a new weight (coming out of the diet, they recovered to 30% less).

Scientists are not surprised the results. They claim that due to ingested dessert ghrelin levels drop by almost half. Also, the presence of a luncheon of proteins and carbohydrates can saturate enough to not interrupt snacks.

As you can see, the breakfast is really an important factor in weight control. Keep this in mind when you go to the kitchen in the morning, "charged."

Photo: Ninzonka, culinary portal
Author: Marina Tumovskaya