That will help to reduce appetite?
 Modern nutritionists unanimous: it is better to reduce the portions and not overeat from time to time than to sit on a strict diet. In the first case, you will save yourself from stress and the risk of disruption of the food, as well as the probability of return to previous levels of weight. What can be done to solve this problem? To your attention - two interesting scientific discoveries made in the current month.

Fragrance more - less appetite
Until recently it was believed that it was the flavors kindle appetite and make us consume more food than we would like to "get away from the table with a slight feeling of hunger." Recently, however, scientists have come to a different opinion. It turns out that the flavors are able to solve the problem of overeating.

Experts from the Netherlands found that the divine smells make people eat more slowly and in small pieces. With this comes a feeling of fullness before you have overeaten.

In addition, a pleasant smell contributes to the speedy development of gastric juice and stimulates digestion.

Speculation scientists confirmed in the course of the experiment. Both groups of volunteers offered cakes. Calorie dessert was similar - differing only flavor. In one group were the cakes with a strong smell, the second is almost odorless. It was found that participants who swallowed cakes odorless, ate more than the volunteers of "aromatic" group.

 That will help to reduce appetite?
   In fairness it should be noted that the study results are not particularly surprised scientists. And before it was known that smells of "prevent" man taste food - to recognize it, we have to chew slowly. A slow absorption of food is the main way to stop in time and do not overeat.

Nutritionists recommend active use of natural spices and seasonings. According to them, it will help solve the problem of overeating.

Almonds - a wonderful solution to the problem of appetite
We all know the feeling of hunger that occurs during the workday. By the end of the work it is so acute that at home we are ready to "eat an elephant". Unfortunately, nothing good about it. Eats at night and bad for the figure, and for recreation. How to solve the problem of hunger during the day? ..

 That will help to reduce appetite?
 Nutritionists suggest to pay attention to the almonds. According to them, a handful of these nuts enough to get rid of hunger throughout the day.

The secret of almond is that this nut has a low glycemic index. This means that after the use of the product in the blood sugar level rises slowly, but also did not immediately falls. This allows you to achieve a sense of saturation for a long time.

Scientists believe that thanks to this property almonds can save from overeating. You will practice calm day, and for dinner you will not torment "brutal hunger." Therefore, most likely, you prefer some low-calorie option that will not spoil your figure and your conscience torment later.

Statements of scientists are not unfounded - the properties of almonds were confirmed during the experiment. The participants who ate almonds for breakfast, the feeling of satiety lasted much longer. Thus, almonds help trick the body and painlessly reduce the size and calorie servings.

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya