Are you on a diet? What will you drink?
 The fact that water - not an enemy to our body, is now well-known fact. What is required to consume fluids at least two liters for a long time by anyone from nutritionists is not contested. But what to drink, how and why? With that, let's face it.

Temperature affects the absorption of further fluid our bodies. Hot drinks are rapidly absorbed in the stomach wall create a feeling of saturation, chilled - stepping up the production of gastric juice and the digestive process. From this and we will draw on.

If ingestion of a glass of cold preface drink, for 15-20 minutes, the liquid will quickly enough. It will help create a sense of a hearty meal. Hot drinks can be consumed between meals. They can fool our stomach since come illusion saturation. Thus, by manipulating different fluids contrasting temperature we can reduce the amount of food consumed.

  What still drink?

Cold drinks

Primarily, this is - of course, water. Normal, drinking, cold water. Water - the basis of life, so consumed by your water must be clean. Need to drink filtered water, drinking and non-carbonated, manufactured by known manufacturers, or to stock meltwater.

To receive the defrost water, it should be frozen in a plastic bottle in a freezer of his refrigerator. In promorozhennaya bottle will be visible in white opaque core. Bottle must hold a few minutes under hot water and pour the resulting liquid. Then he put the bottle on unfrozen. All received to melt the white bar, the water, we've merged into a separate carafe. This is necessary to us melt water. Water is able to activate the body's metabolic processes.

 Are you on a diet? What will you drink?
 Mineral water   should drink limited. Excess salt and mineral compounds can damage the body, especially if you consume it regularly.

Very good drink during the diet - regular tea . Brew liter or two of tea, add a little honey, lemon and cool. Ready useful vitamin drink, which not only quenches thirst but also helps tasty and low-calorie monitor the rate of fluid intake. Tea can be black, green, Hibiscus. Boil the sort that you no longer taste. In Hibiscus do not need to add lemon.

There is a very useful drink, which is struggling with obesity, it is useful joints and pleasant taste. it "Kvasok" of apple cider vinegar . We place a glass of water a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, stir well. Drink good to cook in the evening and have a drink in the morning on an empty stomach. "Kvasok" very effective in combating obesity.

Broth oats and flaxseed . Washed oats soaked overnight. On 1 liter of cold water half a cup of oats. In the morning in soaked oats add a tablespoon of flax seed and then all on low heat for half an hour. Allow to cool and strain already cold. In the infusion for taste you can add a little honey, lemon juice or a glass of apple juice. This broth is very good for the liver, and adding flaxseed helps reduce appetite and improves bowel.

All of these drinks with success can replace the sweet carbonated "soda pop" and "cola", while useful for digestion, reduce appetite and control the body's water balance.

Hot drinks

Hot drinks is better to eat between meals and, of course, without any candy and biscuits. The amount of sugar as possible to minimize. Then we did not break the diet. What we have "to hot"?

 Are you on a diet? What will you drink?
 Tea . Of course, tea. Fragrant, sweet, invigorating. Tea, black, green, with different additives, with honey or jam with a spoon, adding milk. Hot drink create a feeling of satiety for the next half an hour. Pleasant warmth "lull" our insatiable stomach.

Kissel . Kissel perfectly satisfies hunger, appetite knocks. Not too sweet, with sourness of it contained in the fruit, jelly can be enjoyable, vitamin dessert. And quench their thirst and hunger. Kissel winter is better to cook from frozen fruit, peremyav them with a little sugar to normal tolkushkoy mashed potatoes.

Herbal teas . Very nice hot drink may be prepared, brew in a thermos drugs Herbs: field horsetail, mint, corn silk, rose hip, licorice root. The composition can be selected according to their taste and focusing on the problems of the body. If there are problems with the intestines, you can add herbs with laxative effect: buckthorn bark, senna leaf. Quite a bit, so that the effect is not manifested itself suddenly. If you have a cold, then add the rosemary, thyme, oregano. You can add herbs with choleretic action, such as dandelion root.

 Are you on a diet? What will you drink?
 When will receive, dilute the infusion of a small amount of milk. Milk neutralizes the bitter herbs and makes the taste of broth enjoyable.

For the preparation of drinks during the diet is better to use sugar substitutes, brown sugar, honey. In general, try to be content with low sweetness. Eating during the day different drinks, we may feel psychologically comfortable and do not suffer from limitations in food.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky