Beauty radiates vibes!
 To be attractive, it is necessary, first of all, like to itself!

What makes a girl attractive and memorable? Of course, its internal energy, its uniqueness and brightness. When you radiate confidence and sunny mood, you charge all around the beauty and optimism. Rule number one: to be attractive, it is necessary, first of all, like to itself. Bright girl difficult to go unnoticed. Love yourself, live with a smile and enjoy every day! This will help you a simple and very effective tips.

1. Raduy yourself and be happy life!

Feel its appeal! To around admiringly watched you go, you need to carry this feeling of confidence .  Everyday! How? Light up your sun! Your self-awareness, self-confidence and cheerfulness immediately transmitted to others .  Work hard to really feel confident at 100, positive and beautiful! Believe me: life is wonderful and colorful! Miracles close .  Fill each day of your bright emotions and impressions .  For example, go to a beauty salon and choose for themselves the most fashionable hairstyle this season .  Put on your favorite outfit, make stunningly beautiful manicure .  Just .  Do not put off for later life .  Have a good mood to need a reason? Buy the most favorite flower and put it on your desktop .  Let all brings joy! Put in a frame its most spectacular photo .  Flirt, smile and dream! Give yourself and others sunny mood .  When the actions are of a pure heart, all will appreciate that such a wonderful girl next .

2. Regularly spoil yourself!

Take care of your beauty. Neat girl always looks attractive. Do you like this sends a signal: "Yes, I love myself. I know his worth. I am worthy. " Of course you regularly care for their skin and hair, do a hydrating mask at home, but, nevertheless, should not be neglected, and professional care. You deserve all the wonderful and better!

3. Take compliments with gratitude!

Forget the excuses - this is a sign of insecurity. I sincerely thank you for the compliment - you deserve it! Remember that you - a unique and unrepeatable person, and for that you like.

4. Smile!

A friendly smile adjusts to the desired wave. Smiling, you show that is open to dialogue and truly happy companion. Agree, much nicer to deal with positive and cheerful person. Share the good mood - it always attracts! Smile yourself every time you wake up. This is not a complicated magical reception with time becomes a habit - and a life filled with positive. Smile to tune in happiness and beauty! Be yourself, be sexy! You are here to enjoy life. Just realize that you need for inner peace and happiness ... and action! Remember that happiness - is, first and foremost, a state of mind.

5. Experiment!

Do not hesitate to introduce the latest trends in your style! Do not be afraid of the new - you can always go back to the usual way, and ... you can fall in love with your new image - and your life is magically transformed and shine bright colors .  Experiment with the style of clothes, makeup and hair color .  Last I only under the strict supervision of a professional - and then hair problems will not, and the result correctly calculate that you, first of all, admired for its unique beauty .  Maybe we should have to try on a bright dress on which you've been watching, but did not dare approach? By the way, is not it time to conduct an audit of total cosmetic? Most overdue goodbye to the media and with those whom you have a long time ago do not use .  Your reflection in the mirror should be happy first of all you, babe! Do everything to feel very-very! Get used to live sunny, because the sun - you have inside! And there is nothing to hide! Buy the most daring underwear, try a new shade of lipstick, purchase the most stylish accessories - Add "pepper" .  Suppose you are surrounded only beautiful and favorite things .

6. Love your body!

Love your body and take care of it! No more excuses, like today you are very tired, and tomorrow, in a year or 10 years just the start .  Stop! Are you tired today? Especially right now you need to take care - sincere care of yourself, your favorite .  And then allocate time in such a way that it lacked and the .  Remember that the time is not necessary to find and allocate! Psychological studies show that women banal "tricks" such as the daily beauty rituals actually really increase self-esteem .  One can not treat yourself once again? Try to apply your favorite cream for the hands and feet are not just so, and massage movements .  Thoroughly massage the whole point - you know that the hands and feet, we arranged important energy zones .  And be sure to put on gloves and night socks to cream acted more effectively .  You'll feel great! And you wake up rested, well-groomed and beautiful!

7. Spread Your Wings!

Ironically, it turns out that our mood affects ... the correct posture, which sends a signal to the brain that you're doing fine. To feel more confident, watch the way you walk and sit. You're talking about yourself in life and filed accordingly. Your back should be straight throughout the day. Note, this is not only good for health but also for the figure. It emphasizes the benefit breast, stomach is pulled, the neck looks seductive - and you look stunningly feminine and attractive. And so it attracts admiring glances!

8. Tune in for success!

Take care of yourself ... and your mood! Yes, you heard right .  Taking care of yourself - it is not only proper diet, regular exercise, walking outdoors with his beloved dog, facial and body .  Sometimes detoxification is a must, not only the body but also the mood .  Remember that your life - this is the result of your thoughts .  Limit yourself can only ourselves .  Each "I", "I will succeed", "I will succeed" in front of you opens up new opportunities .  That's the whole trick .  Driving it, what you can with something that can not cope, you work just on this result and, of course, on the reduction of their own self-esteem .  This is exactly the situation when the "self" can turn into a "samoutsenku" .  Such is the peculiar turns Sale .  Prospects satisfied? Many just doing it all the time, and then wonder why their "wonderful success" .  Yet actually very simple! Do not limit your capabilities and do not bother my luck! You have everything to be happy and harmonious personality, to express themselves in all spheres of life and rightly proud of yourself .  And when you say, "yes," life really is changing .

9. Down complexes!

There are doubts, and "uncertainty"? Did you stop to feed the "cockroaches" in his head! And do not struggle with negative thoughts - Replace them with positive attitudes .  You will most common auditory training .  For example, if you komleksuesh because of her appearance, constantly repeated to himself: "I am beautiful! " .  And do not forget to regularly confess his love! At first it may seem frivolous "occupation", but eventually you will feel a real internal changes .  Your every positive statement will be postponed in the subconscious and will work with you on your success, respectively .  As a result, you will "skim the cream" and live a happy harmonious life that you really deserve .  So, once and for all ceases to depend on the fact that once someone blurted out too much without thinking .  You're a big girl, right? And adults girls think his head .  You yourself are responsible for your life .  We forget about children's grievances, not the most successful statements parent or "good" boyfriend with "a great sense of humor," and are working on positive attitudes .  Do you want to be happy and successful? There will have to work! And when things go uphill, do not say we did not warn you! Surf's positive!
Author: Hope Cherepenina